sunnystaines 11:00 24 Jun 2010

Anyone getting it this year.

used to suffer badly from it but not had it for about 30 years other than the occasional sneeze.

but this year getting very short of breath varies day to day but today very bad, a symptom not had before, anyone get this with hay fever.

also started new medication recently [verapamil] but both hospital and chemist ruled it out as a cause.

  ronalddonald 11:06 24 Jun 2010

ive had it for years and dont forget to pick your nose like Mr Bean does using the finger

  ronalddonald 11:11 24 Jun 2010

oh yeah i forget achoo! and more achoo,

  sunnystaines 12:39 24 Jun 2010

are you a full shilling

  mr simon 15:03 24 Jun 2010

Sinuses are a mess, constantly sneezing, and worst of all, red, puffy, itchy eyes, which nearly always gets commented on when I am working by customers eager to know if I "Had a good night out?".

I dread to think what it would be like without antihistamines and eye drops. It lasts a month every year, and thankfully it has now passed.

  Big L 266 15:06 24 Jun 2010


Do any of you hay-fever sufferers line your hooters with vaseline to catch the histamine before it wreaks havoc inside your bodies?

Just a thought.

Big L 266

  sunnystaines 15:16 24 Jun 2010

just got a ventolin inhaler make no difference, feel totaly washed out the outside air feels very thick and heavy.

  dukeboxhero 15:22 24 Jun 2010

My wife is realy suffering this year, it has effected her like a bad dose of the flu and i am starting to get worried about the number of trees that have been chopped down to keep her in hankies
(tissues) but like most woman she will soldier on,
I have a bit of a runny nose so like most men i will have a week on the sick,

  michaelw 15:49 24 Jun 2010

I used to sneeze and sneeze, extremely itchy eyes, runny eyes and nose.

I had 5 sessions of acupuncture 15 years ago and ever since I've been fine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 24 Jun 2010

Been a sufferer for years but...
so far this year my symptoms have been very light.

Perhaps I'm growing out of it :0)

  ronalddonald 18:55 24 Jun 2010

I use Listerine more than before that has stopped the itchy throat and reduced the symptoms

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