Having an encounter with a celebrity?.

  spuds 10:19 17 Dec 2013

Seeing that its a little quiet again in Speakers Corner, here's perhaps a challenging question to liven things up a little?.

Have you ever had a personal good, indifferent or bad encounter with a 'celebrity' or even one of those 'characters of life' . Something that was perhaps least expected and a possibly a memorable surprise to be treasured. One that you think other members of the forum might be interested to hear about for possible debate or discussion?.

  iscanut 11:36 17 Dec 2013

What is a "celebrity" ? I am never sure as to what a celeb is or does !

  spuds 11:54 17 Dec 2013

What is a "celebrity"? = fame: famous person: distinguish (Collins English Gem Dictionary 1962).

But there is always the "character of life", and there is no doubt one or more of those in a community :O) ?.

  chub_tor 11:59 17 Dec 2013

Together with my family we have been to the Stage Door of many theatres to meet the performers after the show and get autographs. All were pleasant experiences with one exception, an actor who was well known for his part in Please Sir, who was playing the lead in Toad of Toad Hall and was more concerned about getting to the pub than in signing autographs.

But the most memorable experience and often recounted in family discussions actually occurred during a performance by the fabulous Ken Dodd. At the time my son was about 6 years old and part way though one of Doddy's long stories my son desperately needed the loo. We were only about 10 rows from the front and in the middle of the row so it was pretty obvious when we stood up to shuffle along to get out and of course Dodd made the obvious comment that "Look that little boy is taking his daddy to the Gents." Red-faced we got out, son did what he had to do and we went back to the theatre to find that Doddy had primed the audience to watch for the door opening whereby the whole audience stood up and clapped and cheered us back to our seats.

We met Ken Dodd later at the Stage door and he immediately recognised us and spent some time talking to us as he autographed our programme. A souvenir of a lovely man that we cherish to this day.

  spuds 12:04 17 Dec 2013

It really is quiet today, so perhaps here's one to start the ball rolling.

What would you say, if I was to say, that Sharon Osborne of X-Factor fame among other appearances, was belting out a song or two, and then serving pints behind the bar, at a council estate working mans club only the other day, and before the final's of the televised X-Factor. True or False?.

  HondaMan 12:10 17 Dec 2013

I met Nick Cotton (John Altman) in a lift at the Holiday Inn in Plymouth. He was with his daughter Bruno Brooks and a few others including Linda Lucardi with her minders were there for something. Next morning her car, a Rover V8 wouldn't start so I offered them a squirt of my WD40. Unfortunately it worked, so off they went :-( I was hoping to buy her a coffee while they sorted it out!

  spuds 12:12 17 Dec 2013


Have to agree with you about Ken Dodd. Whenever he comes to my local area on his usually annual visit, its always to a sell-out audience. The only problem is his often overruns on time. No time watching with that man, not like some other celebrities whose contract states 1 hour, and that's all you will get?.

  hastelloy 13:42 17 Dec 2013

I met a number of famous people in my student days (mid '60s). Most notable was Harry H Corbett of Steptoe fame. We collected him from his Hammersmith flat at 7.30 in the morning and put him on a train at Leeds station at 2.30 the following morning. A really nice genuine bloke.

The only unpleasant one was a certain entertainer who is now "Sir" and should have retired long ago.

  [DELETED] 14:40 17 Dec 2013


Sharon Osborne singing, you have got to be joking. Her speaking voice puts my teeth on edge so I can't even bear to think about her singing.

  finerty 14:45 17 Dec 2013

I met Princess Diana way back in 1988 to 1989, memory fails when exact date and year She was opening an aids hospital on Lancaster road round the corner from Ladbroke grove. Got to shhok her hand

  simonjary 19:30 17 Dec 2013

I recently had a brief chat with historian David Starkey about his bathroom lights - before he switched on the local Christmas lights.

I live in an area of London lived in by plenty of minor celebrities - Nigel Slater, Clive Anderson, Danny Wallace, Grayson Perry, Charlie Higson, Paul Whitehouse, Boris Johnson, Bobby Gillespie, Linda Robson and others – and so often see these out shopping, walking dogs, taking kids to school etc. If this is going to go really Z-List I've also seen Sue Pollard!

I also used to live two doors down from Jill Morell.

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