Have your possesions been Smartwatered?

  peter99co 13:28 19 Jul 2008

Our Local Police use this to mark important items. It seems to be part of a fight back against crime.

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  Quickbeam 14:19 19 Jul 2008

I've seen the advert on the back of buses showing people 'smartwatering' their lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers etc, and been sceptical over that use. The police aren't going to go to a car boot sale and set up a mobile lab to cross check random items against a national garden tool database... are they?

  robgf 14:30 19 Jul 2008

I would be a little cautious about letting the police smartwater any item where appearance is important.
My girlfriend had several items marked for free and it left a glue like stain on the side of the TV and her mobile phone. Both were black plastic.
She might have just been unlucky, but it is something to be aware of, before marking expensive items, where appearance is important to you.

  Blackhat 14:34 19 Jul 2008

I have used one of those invisible ink permanent marker pens to put my house number and post code on most valuable items, they can be read by UV light and they don't seam to leave any mark.

I don't think I will be watering my electricals.

  Jollyjohn 23:32 19 Jul 2008

It's worth considering, the smartwater thing, when you become aware that electrical goods are hopeless at retaining fingerprints!

I was subject to a break in at work and a computer base unit was stolen which I found in the bushes. You could clearly see the fingerprint outlines on the case but due to that subtle dimple effect, present on most cases, monitor surrounds etc, there was no detail at all of the fingerprint!

The SOCO chap just shrugged and suggested smartwater and UV postcode marking.

  Stuartli 23:43 19 Jul 2008

In recent times, the many road and car crimes series on various TV channels have often shown people who've been arrested being caught out in the Smartwater UV light area of a police station.

  spuds 11:49 20 Jul 2008

Smartwater is a very good idea, if used in the right environment. Many churches are moving to this, especially due to the increase of lead being stolen from buildings.

But like most things, the villains soon seek out ways of combating these devices, until something else come along.

One of the most easy to use and successful devices, is still the old 'invisible marking' pen.

  Chegs ®™ 16:32 20 Jul 2008

Smartwater/datatag,etc have been around some while.They work well,but there are (as has been pointed out) much cheap methods that can be used just as successfully,the invisible marker pens being one.

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