Have you used a mobile app for wireless printing?

  PC Advisor 13:47 26 Mar 2012

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  Woolwell 13:54 26 Mar 2012

Does mobile include tablet/iPad app?

  Matt Egan 13:59 26 Mar 2012

Woolwell absolutely. And Google Cloud print by email, etc. Anything whereby you print from a portable device, or remotely from a PC or desktop. It seems to be a growth area - all the printer makers are pushing apps, certainly. Yet my personal experience is that despite greater opportunity then ever before, I print less than ever. Even boarding cards can be done on an app, now.

  Woolwell 15:21 26 Mar 2012

"Even boarding cards can be done on an app, now" - if the airport accepts them and not all do.

I use Epson iPrint which works well both on the iPad and on my Android phone.

  Condom 15:47 26 Mar 2012

Epson Print works great on both my iPad and Iphone with my Epson printer. I don't use it for much right now but I'm sure I will find more uses for it in the future.

  interzone55 17:15 26 Mar 2012

I've got a Kodak printer that advertises itself as e-print capable, but I've never got it to work.

Mind you, it took a long time to coax it to work on my home wifi network, so throwing data at it from the cloud is probably just asking for trouble.

It would be nice to have this facility though, as I regularly work from home, and whilst connected to the work VPN I cannot see any devices on my home network, so it would be good to be able to use Google E-Print even though I'm in the same room as my printer. As it is I have to email the document to myself and pick it up on my personal laptop for printing - god alone knows how many company rules that little trick breaks.

Ironically, whilst connected to the work VPN I can print to any printer connected to any Honeywell network anywhere in the world (in excess of 15,000 printers available when I just checked), but I can't print to the one in the same room...

  bremner 17:20 26 Mar 2012

Initially used HP app on iPhone.

Then bought HP Airplay printer.

Both have and continue to work well.

  Forum Editor 18:57 26 Mar 2012

"my personal experience is that despite greater opportunity then ever before, I print less than ever."

That's my experience, too. I rarely print anything these days. I scan quite a few documents into my PC, and transfer to my iPad/laptop but the printer just sits there, largely unused.

  Condom 19:14 26 Mar 2012

That is what I was thinking as my long in the tooth and faithful old Epson R265 began to misprint. Why bother getting a new one? Then of course I needed something printed urgently and old faithful's efforts were just not up to it.

Welcome Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD to your new home and boy you are so good

  morddwyd 21:25 26 Mar 2012

As usual I fall between two answers.

Yes I see a use for it, but as yet I have not needed such use.

  Chegs ®™ 00:36 28 Mar 2012

I rarely need to print anything these days but my daughter often requested permission to print things for her schoolwork so splashed out on a wireless printer.I'm still trying to discover why my HTC phone has to email documents to my desktops before I can print them as bluetooth refuses to operate.

ps:Had a thought,just tried same on a couple of other phones & they too aren't operating through bluetooth so I'm guessing I need replace the bluetooth adaptor on my PC as this one's quite old & I've changed OS twice since I bought it.

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