have you tried to sell your property

  mrgrumpy 18:04 10 Jul 2019

As most of you know my mum is 97 and had to admit defeat and go into a care home so I am power of attorney and dealing with estate agents to sell her property.

I am amazed at excuses some people give the agents for not making an offers. One that came today said property is overlooked by flats …. its not !

He also said it was close to an industrial estate …… its not and he would not even after drive past one on his way to the property. I very tongue in cheek asked the estate agent if he went to the other 2 ** lane that is 6 miles away.

What reasons or excuses have you had if somebody has tried to buy a property you had for sale.

  Pine Man 18:49 10 Jul 2019

Surely they don't have to give an excuse, or are they even obliged to provide a genuine reason, for not making an offer.

I have bought and sold property and never had an issue as you describe.

  wee eddie 18:56 10 Jul 2019

Apparently, some people just like looking round other peoples homes. Be really careful about your security while this is going on

  oresome 19:42 10 Jul 2019

Would be purchasers and those that are simply nosey will have looked at dozens of houses both physically and on Rightmove.

Should the estate agent make a follow up call they probably can't remember one house from another having seen so many.

The house is not sold until contracts are exchanged. Don't get too excited before this point.

  mrgrumpy 21:06 10 Jul 2019

hi eddie thanks for security comments her property is in a cul de sac of bungalows and everyone knows that mum is in the care home and not returning. With regards to the property itself I have left carpets in for photo shoot and curtains up to make strangers think the property is occupied. As well as neighbours keeping an eye on things I live in the same cul de sac 3 doors away.

  Govan1x 00:16 11 Jul 2019

I put mine up for sale 3 months ago.

It was a bit run down a lot of things needing done to it due of course to neglect and being unable to do jobs that that i had no problem doing in years gone by.

Told the estate Agent that we did not want a for sale sign up on it, and within 2 days we had a full price offer on it which of course was better than we expected.

it was the first house that I ever owned and the only one that I have ever sold.

They go quick here as it is in commuting distance to London.

  HondaMan 11:06 11 Jul 2019

A lot of people spend an enormous amount of time just looking for curiosity's sake. They have no intention of buying but simply want to look around at other properties. My neighbours put his mother's property on the market, the "For Sale" boards went up on Tuesday with an "open house day" on Thursday. By Friday they had received an offer of the full price which was well over local expectations. Property in Cornwall is certainly moving, and very quickly. The problem is that most is being bought by outsiders. Not many Cornish youngsters can afford the deposit and monthly payments mon what they earn!

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