Have you noticed the way that ..

  TonyV 20:58 07 Apr 2013

TV programmes are now reverting to looking through a letter box. We have now had to retune the sets because of so called improvements to the digital service. Now there are a lot of films that are coming through that appear to be looking through a letter box.

I am not best pleased since have just spent a small fortune buying a new larger Plasma TV and blu-ray recorder and playing machine and find I am looking at something that is far worse than it was a few weeks ago. I expected at least the screen would be full!!

I have had the engineer out from JL to see if he can sort it and he says he'd noticed that more of the adds are now coming out like that, but that there was nothing that he could do.

Again, it seems 1 pace forwards and 14 backwards.


  fourm member 21:07 07 Apr 2013

I'm sorry if I'm suggesting something you've already done but have you tried the different screen sizes.

I just went through the ones on my TV and found one that gave me something like you're describing.

  TonyV 23:13 07 Apr 2013

forum member

Yes. having spoken to JL they said make sure both the recorder and TV are set at 16:9 Aspect Ratio and they both are. I originally had them set to Auto, but that is only showing the programmes at what they were originally broadcast at! In other words Auto brings up automatically what the original broadcast was!

I think it is the way digital is broadcasting, and if I try and change it the screen becomes enlarged or zoomed and you miss half the shots or the faces become elongated. And, if like us, you use sub title because the sound reproduction on modern TV's is such rubbish, they are below the screen line. It seems to me we can't win. The only saving grace is that the TV we replaced is being used in another room and we find that too is coming up in letter box fashion on certain things like films and some of the whizz bangs. Why don't they leave the things alone? After all, if it ain't broke don't fix it!!

As I said earlier, 1 pace forward and 14 backwards.



  spuds 23:42 07 Apr 2013

Not sure if its the answer, but we have a Sony 'smart' television, that adjusts to full screen automatically?.

  TonyV 00:00 08 Apr 2013


Ours is the latest top of the range 42" Panasonic SmartViera with all the bells and whistles, it still shows some films and some adds as though you are looking through a letterbox!

I don't think there is very much that is automatic about it. I thought that was what setting the Aspect to Auto would do, but no! They are too clever by half.


  Quickbeam 07:40 08 Apr 2013

"the sound reproduction on modern TV's is such rubbish"...?

  TonyV 09:08 08 Apr 2013


Apparently because the sets are so slim the speakers aren't good enough. That's why they now sell sound boxes or sound bars to improve the sound and let hear voices as intended.


  wiz-king 11:07 08 Apr 2013

With some of them the speakers face to the rear to bounce the sound off the wall so if you have a nice flock wallpaper its really muffled.

  Quickbeam 11:20 08 Apr 2013

I've never noticed any problem with TV sound from flat screens, in fact compared to sets of 20 years ago, I think they are much improved.

Looking at the walls at the rear of the living room and bedroom sets, they both have similarly textured wall paper, neither hard reflecting plaster or muffling flock. maybe I've just been lucky.

  oresome 11:26 08 Apr 2013

The 16:9 aspect ratio used on modern TVs differs from the aspect ratio of many films.

It's inevitable that you will either have a space top and bottom, or miss some of the frame if you expand it out to fill the TV screen when viewing these films.

I can't say I've noticed it being more troublesome of late.

Watch some old 4:3 aspect ratio TV and you'll get blank spaces either side unless you want to suffer a distorted picture.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:28 08 Apr 2013

I used a spare set of PC speakers on my TV but I had a rubbish TV both audio and visual. But since switching to all PC TV viewing then I now have better both via decent monitors and speakers.

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