Have you had any experience with CHC Funding

  Watchman123 14:29 24 Aug 2018

I am super grateful for our NHS but I am starting to get a bit frustrated.

My mother has recently moved onto quite a late stage of dementia, she had a fall and has been in hospital for about a month. She has now been told that she has to go into a care home (there is no-one to look after her 24/7 at home).

She has also been told that she needs to pay for her care and that she will have to sell her house to pay for her care. I was shocked at this! Her and my Father spent their entire working life saving for this house and now, when she needs help, they are taking it away from her.

I read a little bit about CHC funding online, but I was wandering if anyone else has had any dealings with Continuing Healthcare funding and how they dealt with it? I am getting sick of being passed from person to person with each of them finding new reasons why they can't speak to me!

I'll be really grateful if anyone can help with this one.

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