Have you got a smart meter?

  oresome 16:33 10 Jan 2019

The cost is around £374 per dual fuel customer, although this is considered to be an underestimate.

It is claimed smart meters will save households an average of £18 a year between 2013 and 2030 after they have met the costs of the programme.

Whether this guess, sorry analysis takes account of the fact that most of those already installed are now dumb meters I don't know.

Those that have them, has it cut down your useage long term or does the meter get ignored after the first few weeks?


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  BT 18:03 11 Jan 2019

..only about £10 in credit which means the cash is in my account not theirs.

My account is never in credit. I don't pay by Direct debit so they don't have my money in advance. I don't have a Smart Meter. I submit my own readings quarterly online and get an instant indication of how much my bill is.

  oresome 14:16 12 Jan 2019

They certainly don't take NO for an answer regarding the installation of smart meters.

It's got to the point where I've blocked their number on the house phone so they've tried a different tactic.

The provider claimed the last readings I provided were outside the expected values so had to send a meter reader.

The meter cupboard is outside but the guy knocked on the door when he came to read the meters and asked if he could change them seeing as he was here. I told him no.

Their figures tallied with mine and the consumption was as normal for the time of year so I think it was just a ploy.

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