Have you got an iPod?

  Forum Editor 20:30 24 Oct 2004

The rumour is that there's going to be a Christmas shortage of these objects of desire - now the biggest selling Apple product, and responsible for a large chunk of the company's profit.

The other rumour - neither confirmed nor denied by Apple - is that the company is about to launch a smaller, cheaper Flash memory version of the iPod before Christmas.

Fancy one of those?

  carolineann 21:08 24 Oct 2004

My daughter heard the same thing, so she ordered one a few weeks as for a christmas present for her boyfriend.

Unfortunatly it was delivered much earlier than was expected.

Said boyfriend was home and opened it.Back to the drawing board.

  powerless 21:20 24 Oct 2004

If I was going to buy i'd wait for the claimed Colour screen and image viewing.

  JonnyTub 21:32 24 Oct 2004

I got one, the 4gb ipod mini gold coloured version, I must say, for the wow factor it has every thing and 1000 songs is about 4 times as many as i own.

Had it about 2 weeks, and already had an installation of linux os installed and working then changed back (wife says so). It basically does what it say's on the tin and does it extremely well, as for features it lacks behind other cheaper models.

And as for a flash memory ipod, consider my order well and truly placed!! , especially if there as sexy the mini's.

  Kate B 18:18 25 Oct 2004

This'll be the second Christmas iPods will be in short supply ... which says a couple of things. First (cynically) Apple sure knows how to stoke up demand by announcing early that there might possibly maybe perhaps oh we dunno be a shortage of supplies so you'd better shell out for one now before the shortage hits.

And second, that the iPod is still the best portable jukebox around.

Me, I'm waiting eagerly for the 60GB model with colour screen ...

  georgemac 18:53 25 Oct 2004

but georgemac jnr had one on his xmas list and the FE would have had me off running to the online store to make sure I got one

except he now wants an electric guitar - the good thing about the ipdod is I think it plays through headphones - I'll have to get the guitar amp with a headphone socket!

  Dorsai 19:04 25 Oct 2004

Dont have. Have no desire to get/own/be given. had a portable CD player once. Sold it not long after i bought it.

CD player in car.

Cd player at home.

Radio at work.

Want to hear the car/bus/lorry coming when using the push-bike.

When to use it?

When walking about? Bit of peace and quiet nice once in a while, and makes me appreciate it more when i can listen to music.

I must be the odd one out.

  georgemac 19:12 25 Oct 2004

no - me too - don't have any personal music player.

Same here.

  Stuart Leyland 21:21 25 Oct 2004

Personally, I can't see the need for 40GB worth of space just for music. The only type of people I can think that might have a use for all that space would be DJs. I really do not know who posses that amount of music and for any sane reason. Do they ever listen to it all? No chance!

I personally have a 256MB MP3 player which isn't even half full.

  Rigga 22:08 25 Oct 2004

Own a 20gb version. about 15gb used, all my own CD's that have been mp3'd. It's extremely useful as a kitchen stereo, and as a holiday stereo, with attached speakers of course.

Also recently found it can be used as a portable HD. (never knew that before.. not sure why!!)

Very useful indeed.

It'll be interesting when Apple do create a video / photo / music version simliar to the Archos, I reckon about 200gb version should be enough for most people ;-)


P.S. one tip.. never use the supplied headphones in public.. it's like saying.. I've got a huge wallet here stuffed full of money.. come rob me please..

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