Have you got an iPod?

  Forum Editor 20:30 24 Oct 2004

The rumour is that there's going to be a Christmas shortage of these objects of desire - now the biggest selling Apple product, and responsible for a large chunk of the company's profit.

The other rumour - neither confirmed nor denied by Apple - is that the company is about to launch a smaller, cheaper Flash memory version of the iPod before Christmas.

Fancy one of those?

  powerless 21:20 24 Oct 2004

If I was going to buy i'd wait for the claimed Colour screen and image viewing.

  Rigga 22:08 25 Oct 2004

Own a 20gb version. about 15gb used, all my own CD's that have been mp3'd. It's extremely useful as a kitchen stereo, and as a holiday stereo, with attached speakers of course.

Also recently found it can be used as a portable HD. (never knew that before.. not sure why!!)

Very useful indeed.

It'll be interesting when Apple do create a video / photo / music version simliar to the Archos, I reckon about 200gb version should be enough for most people ;-)


P.S. one tip.. never use the supplied headphones in public.. it's like saying.. I've got a huge wallet here stuffed full of money.. come rob me please..

  recap 15:56 26 Oct 2004

I have a son started University this year, so I bought him the 20Gb iPod. He is very pleased with it and has only around 10Gb of space used at the moment.

So now my other two sons want one each, roll on christmas. They both want the 20Gb version, I don't think they would be interested in the smaller version?

  rdave13 20:34 28 Oct 2004

Oh for vinul!

  [email protected] 12:38 16 Nov 2004

Bought one for my husband for his birthday, I wasn't keen but am totally coverted to it .Not a DJ but have loaded almost 3000 (9.58 GB) songs so far and climbing, so a 256MB wouldn't be big enough(!) He now wants to buy me one and I'm waiting for the photo one.
Easy to load CDS don't know about vinyl (it's all in the loft warping!!)
Found a new love for music through it, and great to access all albums not just the ones at the front of the cupboard!

  Belatucadrus 15:31 18 Nov 2004

and I don't want one either. If there's a product that is defined as "The in thing, or this years must have style statement" I can guarantee not to want anything to do with it. I make my own choice, I don't need other people to tell me what to own/wear/drive. Follow your own path don't just follow the flock.

Rant over.

  Forum Editor 17:09 18 Nov 2004

Well, fair enough, but we're talking about a pretty big flock here, and there's a lot more to an iPod than simply being this year's 'must have' style statement.

Make no mistake about it, the iPod has been a phenomenal success by any standards, and sales continue to soar.In the three months which ended on 25th September 2004 the company sold over two million iPods - that's five times the sales for the same period last year, and far more than anyone had predicted. Apple's profit for the full financial year was four times what it was the previous year, and a good deal of that is attributable to iPod sales.

There's fierce competition in the market now, notably from Creative, who have produced the Zen mentioned by Gaz 25, but you can rest assured that Apple's designers aren't sleeping on the job. There'll almost certainly be another iPod version, and my money's on a larger, full colour screen device that displays images as well as playing sound files.

  Belatucadrus 19:30 18 Nov 2004

If the flock was in the habit of buying the best, not the trendiest I might care, but as things go, I'll carry on reading the reviews and making my own mind up. It's a free-ish country and we can make our own choice, mine is to be contrary and on occasion just plain cussed.

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