Have you ever had a computer virus?

  PC Advisor 15:50 30 Sep 2010

Has a computer that you've owned ever been infected with a virus? Have your say in the poll in the lefthand column.

  Belatucadrus 16:04 30 Sep 2010

Does yes include e-mail attachments that the security software caught or are you referring to nasties that penetrated the system and caused grief ?

  David Price 16:17 30 Sep 2010

I'm talking actual infections, Belatucadrus - stuff that made it through the AV and caused grief, as you put it.

Here's a direct link to the poll

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David Price

  gardener 16:47 30 Sep 2010

Had a really nasty one a couple of years ago, it started infecting all the Windows system files one by one. Nod32 spotted what was going on but couldn't stop it.

I turned the power off at the back of the PC and rebooted into Acronis rescue disk. Within 20 minutes I was back with a clean system. Marvellous programme!

  sunnystaines 16:58 30 Sep 2010

but not since the days of windows 95, had many blocked from web sites by norton since

  wolfie3000 17:02 30 Sep 2010

Iv had one that I know of, but it was put onto a pc by me,

I wanted to see how nasty it was, suffice to say the pc wouldn't even boot.

Did it on an old pc I was going to throw out.

  carver 17:27 30 Sep 2010

Theres one slight problem with this question, if you don't know you have a virus on your PC you would answer no and not every virus is the disruptive kind.

A friend of my daughter had one and it was only after her PC started to send e-mails to our PC that I found out about it and informed her of the problem, she got a bit angry saying she couldn't have a virus because SHE never went on dodgy sites.

  Forum Editor 17:48 30 Sep 2010

I did once have a computer virus infection, but it was so long ago I can't remember much about it.

  jakimo 18:36 30 Sep 2010

A few years ago <GANDALF <|:-)> claimed there was as much chance of the ordinary internet (non-business) user getting a virus as something or the other,I forget what the actual phrase he used, nobody posted a response!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:45 30 Sep 2010

...Indeed. Viruses are very very rare but Trojans are not. Last time I saw a virus was at least 5 years ago but trojans are prevelant.


  ronalddonald 19:19 30 Sep 2010

its a pity i seem to get them using Microsoft but not on linux

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