Have you ever finished anything to the very end?

  leoaubrie 08:46 09 Feb 2018

I was just reading another post from a user: Jack of all trades master of none. That sentence rang a bell. I have immersed myself in 4 different skills and never actually mastered any of them, I came close with two but being self critique I don't think its the end of it. What are the thoughts are we crippled by not finishing what we started?

  Govan1x 09:40 09 Feb 2018

In the older days due to the lack of cash we all had to learn new skills by doing things ourselves that should have been done by tradesmen.

Like it says jack of all trades master of none.

I can still get by doing electrical work or plumbing in the house but I would say the biggest thing that has changed is cars.

Old days you tried to repair your own car as it was cheaper than putting it into a Garage.

Nowadays I just lift the bonnet then shut it again not got a clue as to where things go now.

I would say most of us oldies can do a little bit of this and a little bit of that but not sure if the young ones nowadays can do the same.

Nice first post leoaubrie. Not unless you are one of our older members who has come back with a new username.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 09 Feb 2018

being self critique I don't think its the end of it

Doesn't matter what you do, it can always be done better.

Th way I look at it is - Have I done it to the best of my abilities? If so then I'm satisfied.

Knowing what you can do to an acceptable standard and what you need to leave to a professional is important.

What's annoying is paying someone to do a job and then finding you could have done it better yourself.

  sampo18 10:38 09 Feb 2018

I'm a Jack, I've done most car repairs myself. Made things, repaired etc

Today's society is a spending culture, if I told somebody id repaired some electrics at home they would be amazed! "How do you know how to do that!?"

"Why not just pay an electrician!?"

Because I'm a tight * and won't pay someone to do what I can?

People have no confidence these days, too much money or not enough time.

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  sampo18 10:40 09 Feb 2018

Also I'? 25 so not all youngsters are to be put in the same category!

  Menzie 11:44 09 Feb 2018

Some things I repair myself, in terms of my car it has a maintenance contract from the dealer so everything from brake pads to fluids are done without extra charge.

I rent my place so the stove, fridge, etc. are repaired or replaced by the maintenance office.

The last thing I repaired was my tablet. It was simple the digitiser's ribbon cable had come loose so the screen was unresponsive.

  Cymro. 13:26 09 Feb 2018

There was a time when I would have had a go at anything and been very disappointed with myself if I had to leave the job unfinished. As I get older however I don't beat myself up about such things. If something is beyond me then the thing to do is not start on that job. Check out first what the problem is, what probably needs doing and at what cost etc. Then get the experts in, pay up and get on with your life. There is nothing worse than going to an expert and he says "whos been fiddling with this then?". A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

  wee eddie 13:50 09 Feb 2018

I used to do everything myself until, one day, helping a friend look for a new Flat I saw the result of, a less than competent, DIY job.

It knocked quite a lot off the value of the property. In fact, probably more than it would have cost to have the job professionally done.

  leoaubrie 13:03 01 Mar 2018

Thank you Govan1x. And for what I see some of the things that happened to you happened to me. Fruit Bat I really like the answer especially if I have done my best then I am satisfied. sampo18 Its not about the money, I think I can do the job for myself and live with it much longer than the professional would come charge me and leave and the thing is not done properly because it was a "small" job (read less money for him) I had it happen with wall painter. So I learned to paint and prepare the walls. Menzie I started small and went big I guess its curiosity or stubbornness I don't know but it worked for me. Cymro I agree that not all things can be done that way, I think that things that you dont know about should be left alone. Same goes for topics in chit chat I dont meddle in things I dont know of, better quiet than saying something stupid. Wee eddie it goes the same thing. Thanx everyone

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