Have, You, ever been hacked

  feb 23:21 03 May 2005

I know to some on here that this has been done to a death! No names and I've been here long enough to know that I'm in for some flak!!

I think that a degree of clarification is necessary!

I'm not talking about a worm, virus, Trojan or spy ware, but an actual hack, where someone has stolen something from a PC?

And if you have, would a Firewall have stopped it?

GANDALF |:-)> desist :)

  Pooke100 23:41 03 May 2005

Nope, never, have sygate firewall but I wouldn't be too bothered if they did hack my PC in any form. All they'd get is pic's of my kids, some music and the missus' shopping list lol.

  DieSse 23:59 03 May 2005

"Have, You, ever been hacked"

No, I, haven't - to the best of my knowledge - NOD32 AV and Sygate free Personla F/Wall

  powerless 00:26 04 May 2005

If you were hacked, you wouldn't know it.

  Joe R 09:23 04 May 2005


As the above postings, have never been hacked,(To the best of my knowledge) running avg, and zonealarm, But as Powerless states above, I don't think the vast majority of people would know, they were being hacked.

As pooke100, There would be little to find on my system, apart from some photos of my children, some music, an occasional game, and the normal clutter, associated with P.C.'s in general.

  Aspman 10:13 04 May 2005

You would only ever know you got hacked if it was done by an idiot.

If someone good cracked your machine you'd almost certainly never know.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:59 04 May 2005

If a 17 yr old youth from the welsh lowlands can break into the North American Missile defence system ,using a low powered computer, a home firewall would be of little use. I have never seen or read any evidence of a home computer being hacked as in the traditional sense.


  Wilham 13:22 04 May 2005

Something odd happened to my main PC last week. Both Norton and AVG icons vanished from my toolbar at the same time, and attempts to reactivate both programs met with "There is an error...". Also I found my access to two on-line secure bank pages was blocked, each with "Page not available"

I am now using our laptop, fortunately it seems unaffcted, and I see Norton is enabled. Never got round to AVG but I'll load it today.

I shall start a new thread in Helpline if I haven't cleared it up by the weekend. But there is one question now I would ask in feb's thread...

I had an email with no message, just an attachment. 'Properties' gave a sender address contrived from my own;- I was curious but cautious, so I dumped it as a file to floppy/notepad.. I then removed the disk and read it on my laptop. I saw there was just the one word Sorry followed by a half page of graphic characters, not asci. Did I put myself at risk?

  Joe R 16:53 04 May 2005


I would suggest you put yourself at "great risk". Unless you know for definite, that an attachment, is from a known and trusted colleague/company, all attachments should be deleted, before they can be clicked on.

  Wilham 19:25 04 May 2005

Joe R: Thanks,I fear you may be right. Though I didn't open the attachment, just moved it en bloc to the floppy. Does this mean the nasty bits lurked in the attachment file header?

I may have only used notepad at the laptop floppy read, not so sure now.

  PUNKA 19:50 05 May 2005

Playing football for my local team in the pouring rain, wind cutting through me,Received ball on left wing and proceeded at rate of knots down aforesaid wing, when suddenly hairy neanderthal left back HACKED me down,. a stonewall penalty I thought as I dived for the edge of the box in a double back somersault nureyev would of been proud of.No chance even the referee hates me.LOL. :)

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