Have you counted yours lately?

  Sapins 15:04 06 Jul 2008

Blessings that is.

I am recovering from a very nasty virus infection, not helped by one of the prescribed tablets giving me several "unusual" side effects, went back to the doctor, a locum, and he took me off the said tablets with almost immediate improvement.

Anyway, this morning, still feeling rotten, I sat down and thought about the good things I enjoy. I got up, dressed and made my breakfast, unaided, and sat down with my wife, who is also fit and well, and who always gets up before me! I then looked out at the usual cluster of birds visiting the garden, and again admired the view over the countryside. I am still fairly fit and mobile. I thought about a get together with friends coming up next week and to cap it all off I visited here to have my usual read through the forums. I am very lucky to live here with very nice people, relaxing in an enjoyable, relatively crime free area and in a good climate and not forgetting the wine, my memory is still good!

So, count yours and like me, spare a thought or two for those worse off than yourself. Just thought I would share that with you,



  crosstrainer 15:14 06 Jul 2008

Yes, it does make you think. Back at the end of April, I was very ill with what was originally diagnosed as gout (we all had a little laugh here!) However, it wasn't and the delay caused the condition to reach life threatning stage.

Am pleased to report that I am on the mend now, back walking my dog's, and trying to weed the garden (keeps on raining!)

I too am fortunate to live in a nice home, next to the River Taff outside Cardiff. Many people should indeed spare a thought for those less fortunate than themselves.

  spuds 16:39 06 Jul 2008

What a pleasant read, and thank you Sapins.

Life can be very complicated, but when you stop and think, the simplest things can bring the biggest pleasures of life. From the smile and chuckle of a child, to the wag of a dogs tail, this years fledglings seeking the mystery of a new life, flowers coming into bloom. The role is endless, and many people never look for it, until its probably to late.

Take care both.

  Bingalau 17:06 06 Jul 2008

Sapins. Thanks for the nice thoughts and like you I do appreciate that I am better off than an awful lot of people. In fact when I am feeling down I always say to myself "Hey! there's people in the World far worse off than you, so buck yourself up". It normally works too.

  Legolas 18:51 06 Jul 2008

As you say their is always those worse off than yourself. I have been recently made redundant and although not a nice experience I know that I will never be hungry and never without a roof over my head unlike so many even in the so called civilised world of today.

  Sapins 18:52 06 Jul 2008

Glad you are on the mend.

spuds and Bingalau, when I re-read the post afterwards I thought it sounded a bit naff, glad I was wrong.

  Brumas 20:14 06 Jul 2008

You have the right attitude - It reminds me of that song "Always look on the bright side of life, du do, du do" I can't remember the words.

I always try to be happy and leave everyone smiling - it bucks me up and it seems to buck them up also.

  laurie53 20:38 06 Jul 2008

Count the main one every morning - I've woken up.

Many don't.

  Jim Thing 21:19 06 Jul 2008

As one who does a passable impersonation of a Grumpy Old Man, I must say it's good to hear from someone who is content with his lot.

Thank you and good luck.

  Sapins 08:07 07 Jul 2008

I've found that those who profess to be "Grumpy Old Gits" are the least likely to be so;-) and you give yourself away with "passable impersonation"



  Armchair 12:51 07 Jul 2008

Re. side effects to prescription drugs.

1) 2006. Prescribed Erythromycin for acne. Three days later the bloody runs start, and continue for a further two weeks after stopping taking the drug. Hell on Earth! Nine days off work sick because of it. A further two similar attacks last year (unexplained, despite numerous tests/cameras).

2) This year, prescribed Asacol for ulcerative colitis (related to item 1)?!, still dunno). Rash develops on forehead, fades when I stop taking drug.

Be wary.

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