Have you been GAZUNDERD??

  Eow is nighe 16:57 03 Jul 2008

Yes this is a NEW word as of this year & it is VERY intresting on what it realy is as ive stated "Have you been a victim of gazundering"

When the house buyer demands a price drop at the last minute (usually to compensate for decling house prices in the area), this is called `gazundering'.

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  BT 17:13 03 Jul 2008

Not exactly a new word but a new use for an old one.

In the 'old' days a Gazunder was a china vessel that 'Gazunder' the bed for use during the night before inside toilets were the norm.

  johndrew 17:14 03 Jul 2008

It says in the link that, "Gazundering is Good". Perhaps it also depends on which side of the fence you are - as a seller it could mean negative equity.

  justme 19:39 03 Jul 2008

If someone tried this with me I would absolutely refuse to sell the property to them. It would be put back on the market and even if they rebid for the property I would not sell to them on the basis that they are probably likely to try it on again.

If I am to lose money you can be certain that the gazunderer (if there is such a word) would not benefit.

  josie mayhem 19:47 03 Jul 2008

If you are gazundered, so decided to pull out of the sale, are you then liable for the fees?

So to say 'no' I won't drop my price. The ball is in there court... They either got to pay the agreed price, or pull out the deal themselves so they end up having to pay your fees!

  justme 19:57 03 Jul 2008

You are right. When I said I would refuse to sell to them I of course meant I would refuse to sell to them at the reduced price.

It is up to them to pay up or shut up. There is also the possible option of taking them to court to recover any reduction in price due to their cancelling and also for estate agent fees etc.

  Eow is nighe 20:42 03 Jul 2008


Threre "IS" such a word pls see the link.

  mikesuther 06:50 04 Jul 2008

It happened to me back in May. my problem was that if I did not sell i would have had legal bills of nearly £1500. I could not afford to sell, it meant that i could not modernise the house i wanted as i would have liked but at least i was able to sell, as for the git who caused all the stress i hope he feels pleased with his self for causing unnessacerry upset. i always believed in the price you agree is the price you pay. I must be very old fashioned or stupid

  lixdexik 11:53 04 Jul 2008

I have heard of "gazuder" but not gazundering'.

A "gazunder". A potty that is kept under the bed. (it gazunder the bed) You wouldn't ask for the potty, you would ask for the gazunder.

Cheers Lixdexik

  lixdexik 11:55 04 Jul 2008

same thing Hu!

  Quickbeam 12:22 04 Jul 2008

But they'd be looking for another house from the moment it was suggested!

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