Have you been conned!!.

  spuds 14:34 17 Oct 2006

I suppose I have many times or thought so.Have you ever been or perhaps thought or known so.Your experiences and thoughts may provide a little light relief perhaps.

One particular incident that comes to mind. We required a fairly large area of ground prepared and tarmacing. Got a few quotes and decided that one quote was acceptable. Team turned up and began work under the occasional supervision of a colleague. At the finalisation of the job, I was fortunately available to complete the agreement. The supposed final bill was well over twice the amount we had agreed (my colleague would have paid this), and of course I refused to pay. Threats and curses were rendered, but at the end of the day, my gang was bigger than theirs.

Similar event recently. Took a computer into a local computer 'experts' establishment, for repair or fix. Still baffled to this day as to what was actually done for over £60.00. Possibly the computer put back to an earlier restore point perhaps or was it a case of baffled by science and technical information. Feel conned there some how, but the technician seemed a very nice chap!.

  johndrew 14:45 17 Oct 2006

Bit of bad news - most confidence tricksters are very personable people. If they weren`t, we wouldn`t be taken in by them and they wouldn`t be able to do their `jobs`.

As for the tarmac and PC work; in the first a written quote signed by the contractor(?) would have saved bother - always assuming you can get one!!!! And the second, it is not unreasonable for the `expert` to tell you exactly what he has done - again agreement that he will do this is best obtained in advance. Failing that an itemised bill???????

  johndrew 14:47 17 Oct 2006

Other than the above, I think most of us get `rooked` at some time or the other. Occasionally you may allow yourself to be `had over` to gain an advantage in the longer term - never seems to work out when I try it though!!!!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:30 17 Oct 2006

"Bit of bad news - most confidence tricksters are very personable people. If they weren`t, we wouldn`t be taken in by them and they wouldn`t be able to do their `jobs`."

Sounds to me like you are describing a politician.


  Forum Editor 22:18 17 Oct 2006

It must be awful to be such a cynic.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:51 17 Oct 2006

It must be awful to be so trusting.

  wolfie3000 07:41 18 Oct 2006

I was cooned once by a employment agency,

Years back just after leaving college i had trouble finding work in the engineering sector so i went to an employment agency who siad they would find my perfect job,
So after paying them a large amount of cash to find me my "IDEAL" job i heard nothing for over two months in the end they phoned me up saying they have found me a job,

They told me to go to a certain bus stop and wait for a van to pick me up,

So i was picked up by the van and off i went,

When we all arrived at what can be only described as a pig shed we were all told to start putting cardboard stancils into boxes,

Taht was it no interview nothing so i went to the manager and told him what was going on?

He told me that this was it,

That was my big engineering job.

I just walked out caught a taxi back to the employment agency had a few harsh words for them and signed off from them.

Turned out the job that i was sent to was illegal and was shut down for counterfeiting brand name goods.

The agency was shut down soon too.

  wolfie3000 07:42 18 Oct 2006

Sorry for the spelling mistakes im a bit fryed after a long gaming session in halo :)

  WhiteTruckMan 08:08 18 Oct 2006

What, an employment agency mooned you?



  Chris the Ancient 12:02 18 Oct 2006

I was sort of conned once... but I was sort of expecting it.

I needed a new battery for my laptop and started looking round ebay. A guy was selling (with a few adverts) 2nd-hand and untested batteries. The 'Buy Now' price wasn't too bad (about half the price of a new one); so I took a gamble. I could afford that gamble and went into it with my eyes wide open.

Needless to say, both batteries were well and truly dead and unusable. But, hey, I did sort of expect that. If one had been OK, I would have been happy.

So, only a sort of con, really.

  def90csw 17:00 18 Oct 2006

I got conned by a previous employer who taxed me but never paid it to the tax people. I think both of them are now or have just finished staying at her Majesties pleasure.

Oh and a tax bill for a few hundred thousand!!

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