Have you been Burgled ? - i have !

  skidzy 19:31 27 Nov 2008

I need to calm done a bit after experiencing my first burglary.With emotions running high,i have turned to my ever faithful PCA to wind down.

My reason for posting this,is;

1) Have you been burgled.

2) How did you deal with this.

Ive never been this angry and upset at the same time.

Ive come home from work and gone to my workshop and as some of you know,i rebuild computers as a hobby...all the computers and equipment have been stolen.
My Fishing gear (Abu rod and reels etc) also stolen,not to mention all the power tools including my Makita cordless drills.

I could write a list as long as your arm of what has gone and probably sold down the pub for peanuts.

At first count.probably around £3000 to replace everything.

Police do not seem interested and i could wait up to a week before i see an officer.
The insurance company wish to see receipts but as most of the items have been collected over a period of time,i have very few receipts.

With the credit cruch making life a little difficult and christmas around the corner...who needs this i ask myself.

If you have experienced this yourself,i would be glad to hear how you dealt with this.

For what its worth,they did not enter the house and the items lost can be replaced and no one was hurt...but that does not take away the anger and sadness of what has been lost and the regret i did not make the workshop door more secure.

Sorry for going on and on,just trying to lose my frustration by writing this.

  recap 19:57 27 Nov 2008

Anger, sickness, violated is how I felt many years ago when I got burgled. The culprits (polite word for them) were never caught but I had my suspicions. Luckily for me my fishing equipment was not stolen, they did take money and one of my coats.

  Condom 20:04 27 Nov 2008

Hi skidzy
First of all may I offer you my condolences. My house in the Costa Del Sol was burgled one night while we were out eating. Despite hiding things away in funny places as we knew things were not totally safe, they found many but not all of our necessities. Passports were OK but my wife suffered most with jewellery. They were mostly after small things they could carry easily. Amazingly they missed about £200 in cash.

The Local Community Police were great but I needed to take a Spanish speaking friend to report the things that were lost. I was given a copy of this for the police/insurance in the UK.

My insurance company were great about it and the assessor didn't even ask for the burglary report to be translated. He was a local assessor and even knew the shop where we bought most of her jewellery so he made a specail arrangement for us to get everything replaced there and we actually did well out of it at the end as the shop rewarded us for our loyalty. Well there is a huge markup on these things so they do have some leeway.

The anger soon goes because we met so many others who had gone through the same. My wife still misses a couple of pieces she could never replace for sentimental reasons.

If they are going to break in they will so perhaps a stronger door might have meant more damage. Be thankful no one was harmed and don't get angry or you will have let them win and also be thankful you are insured.

  skidzy 20:04 27 Nov 2008

Hi Recap and thankyou for your post.Like you i have my suspicions also.

Thing is and maybe something the police may follow up,is that i had a computer up for sale in the local paper...arranged for the person to come and look at it and they never turned up,no phone call either.
Maybe im off track but i can see this being a real gain for those thieves.One phone call to find out whats up for grabs...couple of days later....bang all gone.

Violated is probably the best word for this,i wonder how quick the police would be to respond if i assaulted the thieves...different story then i reckon.

  MAT ALAN 20:12 27 Nov 2008

Hey Skidz, What can i say mate, I can understand your frustrations especially from the old bill point of view its seems to be one of those scenarios where, because they think there is no chance of recovering your goods they don't seem to pay to much attention to it..

As long as your OK pal thats the main thing, as far as dealing with it, sounds harsh but take it on the chin boy do what you need to do insurance wise, keep on at plod ya never know..

Regards Dave........

  skidzy 20:15 27 Nov 2008

Hi Condom

Again thankyou for your thoughts,it is appreciated.

Sorry to hear of your losses and im glad for you that most got replaced.Nothing can replace those items of sentiment...no matter the cost.

I think deep down that the loss of several tools and fishing equipment is the most hurtful as the kids have bought some of that for me.

As we know,time is a healer.....lets hope so.

After some thought about all of this,i think its best i never find out who did this because i know how im going to react.

Thanks again Condom....and i thought my user name was funny :-))

  skidzy 20:17 27 Nov 2008

Cheers Dave,your a star.At the end of the day,lets hope the insurance pays out and i never find the culprits.

  peter99co 20:20 27 Nov 2008

A relative had a burgler but was lucky the alarm sounded and they went back out the window they had entered by. She was left shaken by the event but had not lost anything. Her reaction has been to beef up any weakspots in her security and try to see it as a warning. Use the experience as a guide to help you to prevent it happening again. You still have the talent to re-start and this is a positive thing for you work with. These people have no thought for lives they spoil. You are better off than they are because they have to resort to doing this kind of negative thing to live. They probably have no other talent.

It is a shocking thing to have happen and your near neigbours will probably feel a little unsafe as well. Make your lists for the insurance and get back what you can. Try to see your workshop from a burglers view but don't get paranoid about security. Locked toolboxes in the workshop may be worth considering.

How was entry made? I fitted a door on a garage that opened outwards for a friend who's previous door had been pushed in after breaking off the padlock. It is very difficult to pull a door open fitted with an internal fitted lock. We also fitted wrought iron panels inside the windows.

It is always easy to close the door after the horse has bolted. Keep calm and you will beat it. Best of luck

  Condom 20:24 27 Nov 2008

I'm afraid it is a nickname that just stuck. Not my choice but you seldom get to pick your own nickname. I work in the far east much of the time now since I retired and they just cannot pronounce my name which comes out as condom. They thought it was so funny and as I say it stuck. Better than Gordon657 or something similar which I would never remember.

  skidzy 20:26 27 Nov 2008

Cheers Peter

The door opened outward,security lighting was smashed (2 sets).
My downfall was having a petty lock and fittings.

Going to revamp the workshop and move the door more into view with a stronger door and locking.And like you said,fit an internal lock.

We work damn hard to get what we have in life and these bas..... just rip it all away in a flash.

Lets hope what comes around goes around !!!

  sunnystaines 20:29 27 Nov 2008

have they not advised you about touching anything for forensics.

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