Have you any better ideas than this?

  Cymro. 12:12 11 Sep 2017


A net of steel spikes designed to stop vehicles being used in terror attacks has been unveiled by police. The device is likely to become a familiar sight at large events to protect crowds from harm, police said. Known as a Talon and similar to a police 'stinger' strip, the net can stop a vehicle weighing up to 17 tonnes by puncturing its tyres. The Met used the equipment for the first time at the Naval Association Parade in Whitehall on Monday.

  Belatucadrus 12:24 11 Sep 2017

If I remember correctly this stuff was designed because cars with runflat tyres could keep running after going over a stinger. This stuff wraps itself around the wheels and stops them rotating.

  daz60 15:40 11 Sep 2017

Problem,in the event of a random terror attack HOW is this to be deployed.?? Is every police vehicle supposed to carry one.? Instance, in Oxford Street london a vehicle could enter via Marble Arch and cause absolute devestation before a squad car arrives to deploy this 'car buster' and this street is over a mile in length and packed with shoppers.

  Belatucadrus 15:55 11 Sep 2017

Looks as if its main use is to provide temporary security at events and parades by securely blocking access routes. The fact that it takes two officers to deploy indicates it's probably fairly heavy and looking at the photos probably too bulky to go in a squad car.

  BT 08:49 14 Sep 2017

Seem to remember this or something very similar being demonstrated on TV quite a while ago.

  qwbos 10:14 14 Sep 2017

Watching the never ending variations on cops and nasties reality progs on the box, the police generally struggle to stop cars, frequently avoiding ramming opportunities that might have prevented protracted pursuits that then end up involving numerous police cars and crews, sometimes helicopter, but always increased danger to Joe public.

I'm surprised that no attempt has been made to persuade manufacturers to allow emergency services remote access to vehicle ECUs, so they could stop vehicles in their tracks.

But surely the best idea for the current terrorist problem would have been not to create situations that stimulate terror in the first place. To every action.....

Now where did I leave my time machine.

  Forum Editor 15:38 15 Sep 2017

The Talon device was obviously designed to stop vehicles at public gatherings, and it will be very effective in those situations.

There's no way of stopping someone who decides to drive into people on the pavement, because there is never going to be sufficient advance warning. Steel or concrete bollards between road and pavement would be effective, but the cost of putting them on every vulnerable street would be enormous. More trees on our streets would also be effective, and would look good but again the cost would be considerable.

We'll need to do something, because there are probably going to be more of these incidents in the short to medium term.

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