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Have we lost some Forums?

  johndrew 14:10 06 Sep 2011

I usually use the list of Forums at the bottom of the page to jump between them and note that the list has changed. Suddenly we have 'Tech help' instead of 'Helproom', 'Absolute Beginners' and 'Speaker Corner' have disappeared completely and in fact the overall list has reduced from 13 to 9 - the drop down list at the top is still the same I'm pleased to note.

Is there to be another 'upgrade' of the page or is this another 'aberration' of some sort? Anyone any idea?

  morddwyd 20:26 13 Sep 2011

"they work just fine as far as I'm concerned."

They work but I don't think they're fine; I find them clumsy.

It's obviously very much a personal thing.

  Forum Editor 23:05 13 Sep 2011


Thank you.

  simonjary 13:21 14 Sep 2011

Hi, everyone.

As promised we have added links to all forums below the Comment box for those who prefer not to go back to or in any way use the top Forum list dropdown.

There are also static links under the top nav on the index pages of most (but strangely not all) forums.

We are currently working on simplifying the top navigation, which should make things a little easier, too – as well as improving site performance.



  johndrew 13:59 14 Sep 2011


Many thanks. For me it makes things easier. Hopefully for others also.

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