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Have we lost some Forums?

  johndrew 14:10 06 Sep 2011

I usually use the list of Forums at the bottom of the page to jump between them and note that the list has changed. Suddenly we have 'Tech help' instead of 'Helproom', 'Absolute Beginners' and 'Speaker Corner' have disappeared completely and in fact the overall list has reduced from 13 to 9 - the drop down list at the top is still the same I'm pleased to note.

Is there to be another 'upgrade' of the page or is this another 'aberration' of some sort? Anyone any idea?

  lotvic 14:39 06 Sep 2011

johndrew Yes you are right it has altered at the bottom of page. I usually use those links too. Now there are only 9 listed under the title of 'Tech Forums'.

  lotvic 15:02 06 Sep 2011

buteman, no, we mean at the very bottom of this page, where it is dark grey/black with white text. I press 'End' on my keyboard to get to it quickly. The Forums dropdown box at the top of this page jumps about too much for me.

  morddwyd 08:57 07 Sep 2011

Have PCA got a deathwish or something?

Having finally got the forums back into a reasonably usable state, they now make it so difficult to switch between forums that it's simply not worth the effort.

That bit of it wasn't broke so why fix it?

I'm afraid anyone wanting a bit of my experience (such as it is!) in the Helproom, Consumerwatch or Beginners is now out of luck.

  Pine Man 11:33 07 Sep 2011

'The more accessible drop down list under the heading Forums is unchanged.'

In that it has never worked properly since the new forum site was launched!

  Al94 12:08 07 Sep 2011

Works perfectly for me in IE9

  morddwyd 12:59 07 Sep 2011


When I made my earlier post they had gone from the top of the screen as well.

The only way to change was to go to the Homepage, and navigate from there.

The top lists are back now, but they're not the slickest of devices!

  Pine Man 16:35 07 Sep 2011

'In that it has never worked properly since the new forum site was launched!'

By way of explanation - it certainly isn't a catastrophic problem BUT most times I hover my cursor over 'Forums' a box opens below with two columns of forums to select from. Sometimes all of the forums are listed in two lines from left to right across the top of the page with no need to use the drop down box at all. Presumably it should be either one or the other and not both but it has done this, as far as I can remember, since day one. Using Windows 7 32bit and either Firefox (now 6.02) and IE (now 9).

  lotvic 18:20 07 Sep 2011

Pine Man, It's the same for me and has been from day one, that's why I started using the links at bottom of page (I press End on keyboard to go to bottom of page)

I'm using XP and FF 3.6

  johndrew 14:53 08 Sep 2011

Perhaps someone from PCA could let us know what is going on???

  simonjary 16:25 08 Sep 2011

The list at on the top dropdown navigation is the same, but as you note we've changed it on the footer.

We took out a bunch of links from the footer and made those that survived more search-engine friendly.

In order to drive more traffic to the forums we need to make them a little more obvious to Google, Bing, et al.

As such we may tinker with the names to make them more search-engine friendly, but it's just a name thing - not another major overhaul of the site.

Maybe we should name them like trains, after the legends of the forums...



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