Have they thought this one out?

  Cymro. 08:06 10 Mar 2019

BBC link

So is there really a risk of Northern Ireland returning to the bad days with the death and violence that went with it? Just how much of a risk are our "politicos" willing to take on this?

  wee eddie 13:12 12 Mar 2019

No QB, they are doing the only thing they know. The reason is, to them, unimportant

  Quickbeam 13:59 12 Mar 2019

I wouldn't disagree with that.

  Cymro. 14:13 12 Mar 2019

wee eddie The reason is, to them, unimportant

Just because we don't understand these people don't for a minute think the reason they do what they do is to them unimportant. Quite the opposite is true there cause is to them the most important thing in their lives. It is what they live and die for. Madness to us but a cause to kill and be killed for them.

  wee eddie 17:35 12 Mar 2019

The Irish are a breed of exceptional character which really came to the fore when they met the Sicilians in New York/

  Quickbeam 18:08 12 Mar 2019

Can't disagree with that either...

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