Have they changed the Council Tax amount?

  Totally-braindead 14:18 04 Dec 2007

Just wondering as last week I got a demand letter from the Council Tax and I opened the letter with some trepidation only to find that they said I had overpaid them by 3p. Thats right three pence. Waste of a letter really.

Spoke to my postie and asked if she had noticed a lot of Council Tax letters and she said she had and had assummed a lot of people were behind in their payments or something like that.

Then spoke to my mum and she had received a letter saying she had overpaid them by 23p.

Now we've both paid them exactly what they said we had to pay, we haven't paid them more than they said, I pay cash and my mum pays direct debit. I'm just wondering if its a local thing or countrywide.

At the moment I don't know how many people are affected by this. Odd isn't it, and more than a bit silly considering it costs more to send the letters out than what they are for.

  Stuartli 15:15 04 Dec 2007

You are dealing with the public sector - nothing should surprise you, especially when it involves wasting taxpayers' money...:-)

  tullie 15:54 04 Dec 2007

They are probably required,by law,to do this

  Monoux 16:43 04 Dec 2007

tullie--You are correct silly as it may seem they are req'd to refund ANY overpayment however small. Can you imagine the fuss if someone found out that this was not happening. It would then be Council steals our money or some such. They just cannot win.

  Bingalau 17:00 04 Dec 2007

Don't they employ accountants to get their sums right in the first place? If not. Why not?

  spuds 18:19 04 Dec 2007

Every year I have problems with our council regarding council tax. Every year I dump the whole lot onto our local councillor to sort out. It beggars believe some of the mistakes that are made. I often try to explain, if the council employees cannot get things right, how can the general public or layperson.

T-B, I wonder how many people at the same time, have had a letter stating that they owe the council due to under payment!.

  Monoux 18:53 04 Dec 2007

Bingalau-- Often the changes giving rise to small refunds are are related to changes in benefit entitlement, which is controlled by Central Government. As usual though they leave someone else to take the flack , in this case the local councils.

spuds -- "I wonder how many people at the same time, have had a letter stating that they owe the council due to under payment"
The usual percentage that need a reminder every month is approx 15% so in a town of say 50,000 properties that would be 7,500 reminder notices. Of those approx 50% ignore the reminder and get a summons that's 3,750 per mont, Just think what that costs all Council tax payers over the country because people won't pay their bills

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