Have prices for car repairs gone up?

  john bunyan 11:35 04 Mar 2018

I came across a receipt for an "accident damage" to a Morris Minor in 1959. I suspect things are a little dearer these days. It involved damage to front bumper and wing. Not sure how much I was earning at the time - maybe £20 a week?

  Quickbeam 11:55 04 Mar 2018

What are you complaining about? £1000pa in 1959 was a damned good wage!

But I'd expect the odd 1d to be rounded down...

  Quickbeam 11:59 04 Mar 2018

I remember paying £30 for a clutch on a Hillman Imp around 1975 in the lake District. It was top whack pricing at the time while on a camping holiday with no choice and they knew it, as I was stuck in Ambleside!

  Quickbeam 12:02 04 Mar 2018

And what is the franked postage stamp for, some sort of tax paid confirmation?

  john bunyan 12:05 04 Mar 2018


I may have exaggerated my wage; it was £510 in 1957 so probably well below £1000 by '59!!

Still, it was about 50% of the (then) week's wages, I suppose that is about £250 today. I suspect a similar repair would be a lot more these days?

  john bunyan 12:09 04 Mar 2018

The stamp was a normal part of the receipt - it was a "my fault" , self paid repair and certainly no way formed a tax claim - I was in the RM at the tine...

  wee eddie 12:10 04 Mar 2018

I was prompted to Post: Is the Pope a Catholic.

There, I've done it.

The Mechanics that service my Taxi charge about half what the Main Dealer does and operate an almost "same day" service

  rickf 14:04 04 Mar 2018

My car started stalling recently and the diagnosis was that the mass air flow meter sensor needed replacing. The garage wanted to charge me £300+VAT. I did some research and bought a third party replacement part for under £40 and replaced it myself. Took just over half an hour. Working sweetly as should from then on.

  john bunyan 14:56 04 Mar 2018


Can I come to your for my next repair? A couple of years ago my wife’s Honda was having a service and MOT at a main dealer and they said a rear exhaust bracket had broken- wanted £400 or more for a replacement rear section. Got a local guy to weld it for £ 50

  oresome 15:32 04 Mar 2018

As an aside, I've had to change browser to see what you are talking about.

I normally use Edge, but had to view in Chrome to see the receipt.

  oresome 15:34 04 Mar 2018

Having said that, the receipt has now appeared after posting the last comment!

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