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Have Labour put their foot in it again?

  Batch 11:13 18 May 2015

Seems they are opening up their leader election process to all and sundry (as reported by BBC).

Anyone on the electoral register can pay £3 to register with the party and vote on the new leader.

So that's not open to widespread abuse then, is it?

  natdoor 17:31 18 May 2015


I think you are referring to Andy Burnham. Labour do not ant a referendum on the EU unless there is a change to the treaty. Burnham agrees with this. What he is saying now is that, since Cameron is obliged to have a referendum, it should be held quickly in order to limit the harm done by the uncertainty in the interim.

Hopefully the electorate will see sense and vote to remain in the EU.

  john bunyan 09:21 19 May 2015


Weird (!), we agree again , and with natdoor

  Ungus 18:39 19 May 2015

Don't know too much about labour in England but up here they are dead but they still refuse to recognize why they are dead. As an SNP member I have little time for them but do recognize their part in improving conditions for working people. Until they reconnect with their roots in Scotland they will remain a basket case. They have been told and told again to break the link with labour in England but they won't so they will remain a party of one, but at least he can't fall out with himself, they are looking at extingtion in Scotland as most working people now look to the SNP to look after their interests and 50% of trade unionists now vote SNP so their situation is bleak.

  Batch 00:02 20 May 2015

Apparently a similar approach was used in France (with a in of EUR1 as opposed to Labour's GBP3) and they ended up with Francoise Hollande as a result!

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