Have the Israel military gone too far

  rawprawn 17:44 31 May 2010

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I can understand their problems, but aid convoys in international waters seems a step too far.

  john bunyan 19:39 04 Jun 2010

I hope I was not included in the knee jerk brigade. I agree with most of what you say, but in my mind the force was disproportionate, and the vessel was not searched and allowed to procede, as happens in the areas you mention.
The region is a difficult one and the disproportionalty of the action makes a bad situation worse.Let us see how they deal with the Irish registered ship tomorrow.

  morddwyd 06:49 05 Jun 2010

"was prevented from taking power because the USA doesn't like a democracy if the wrong guy wins."

Any actual evidence, as opposed to your own prejudices?

  spuds 11:40 05 Jun 2010

" I suppose you see what you want to see".

Evidence was filmed by all parties, but I suppose censorship might have a role to play, as would interpretation!.

"You'd be pretty dumb not to shoot if someone was trying to kill you"

The rules of survival all depends on area of engagement. I think that they call it "thinking on your feet".

I beats me how some people can side with the police action at the G4 incident, yet at the same time condemn the Israeli action against pacifists (archivists!).

As I stated earlier, the Israeli's would not have taken the action that they did, unless a blip or marker on an intelligence report brought suspicion. Possibly in the same lines that the 'Gibraltar Incident' caused public concern, when three people lost their lives. But then again, a shoot to kill policy is not allowed when fighting terrorism or activities of total defiance.

  morddwyd 18:08 05 Jun 2010

"Hamas election victory'

'US plotted to overthrow Hamas after election victory'

That was in 2006. As I said in my earlier post, there has been an election since then.

My link in that earlier post also suggests that Hamas seized power from Fatah, the legally elected government.

"Israel's complaint is that the Palestinians do not think Israel should exist"

I don't think that's strictly true.

I seem to remember that in the past Fatah is willing to recognize, and negotiate with, Israel.

However, Hamas's pre-condition for any peace negotiations to take place is that Israel must cease to exist.

This is not a good basis from which to start.

  [DELETED] 18:41 05 Jun 2010

To ban building materials surely thats:
"anti cementic"
:- )

  john bunyan 09:30 06 Jun 2010

See below. Is the UN wrong - what about resolution 1860?
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  spuds 11:42 06 Jun 2010

That bit of paper is worthless, because in the main it is a case of some very well paid representatives making a statement about an incident. It will not bring dead people back, or save people in the future.

As I stated in an earlier posting, I have witnessed how the UN works, and that includes Israel and some of the Arab countries, plus other spots on the globe. My verdict remains the same- The UN is a total waste of time and finance in its present and past form. If the UN took its role seriously, then you would not have fully trained soldiers who were prepared to ignore their commanders orders,and possibly face a court-marshal, because a remit states that they could not get involved, 'because they were there as peace-keepers' and not allowed or able to take appropriate action as the events occurred.

  john bunyan 20:45 06 Jun 2010

I agree in general re UN troops, with some exceptions (A friend got the GM as a senior UN person in Africa for some very brave work). Also that Israeli forces are very good - especially Flotilla 13 (the recent group). However I was talking about resolution 1860 which states both the smuggling of arms and the Gaza blockade are illegal.I admire the Entebbe rescue and even the persuit of those who killed the athletes at Lod. However there are times, as in some more recent assassinations by Mossad (Dubai etc) where they go so far as to enrage their enemies (and friends). The recent storming and killing of 9 Turkish protesters was an example of excessive and disproportionate use of force and has alienated their one Muslim based friendly country.

  [DELETED] 19:48 07 Jun 2010

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make of them what you will!

  [DELETED] 23:29 07 Jun 2010

So what happens to the goods they confiscate, sold onto other countries or is their a stock pile of goods waiting to be sent to the Palestine's, goods which ave gone way past their sell by date.

or is it sold at special discount for Israel

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