Have the Israel military gone too far

  rawprawn 17:44 31 May 2010

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I can understand their problems, but aid convoys in international waters seems a step too far.

  spuds 11:56 02 Jun 2010

In response to an earlier post, Israel are requesting passport or homeland details of the people involved in this situation. The people who have (are) providing this information are being returned to the country from where they came. If you are following the situation, many of the activists who are involved, joined the flotilla at Cyprus, and were prepared for confrontation with the Israeli forces. Now to me, that sounds like a very good example of a peacekeeping and humanitarian involvement. Now most of these people are broadcasting to the world, how terrible they have been treated, and that world powers should intervene. Even our local newspaper as published an article about some local people involved, and how seriously worried their families are. Surely they all knew about this before the event, because it as all happened in the not to distant past. Bit like jumping in a lion pit with a piece of raw meat, then expecting the lions to shake your hands and lick you!.

sunnystaines... I do not know about now, but the UN had a very good 'observer' presence in Israel. I spent a little time in that region in the 70/80's, and the UN people on the ground were not doing to bad out of it, especially those in charge. I have stated this before, and I will repeat it again, the UN are a total waste of time and money, even in a so called 'peace-keeping' role. Even UNICEF is a different company!.

  Flak999 13:49 02 Jun 2010

It is only to easy to see why the incredibly complex military and political situation in the middle east has defeated all attempts to achieve a resolution.

Even Mr fix it himself Tony Blair our much vaunted middle east envoy has not been able to do much to defuse this situation. I wonder where the solution to this does lie, will this situation still be festering on in another 62 years from now?

  wee eddie 14:20 02 Jun 2010

We still haven't solved the problem of Northern Ireland.

OK ~ So there's a Truce at the moment but there are still bombs going off and people being shot and kneecapped. Just fewer than there were.

The People of Goodwill are trying hard, it's just that there are more than one generation alive that cannot see that the other side has a right to its opinion as well.

I live in the West Coast of Scotland, which really should have been able to get over the problem by now, but no, it is still alive and kicking in the Villages around and about.

And it's not just the older generation of males either.

So ~ The Israelis and Palestinians are in it for the long haul, so long as each side has its Hard Liners who are willing to resurrect the feud, regardless of the Arrangements that Politicians and Folk of Good Will come to.

  rawprawn 17:37 02 Jun 2010

Are we now entering the realms of fantasy regarding this thread?
Surely enough is enough.

  sunnystaines 19:14 02 Jun 2010

i am sure if gaza was given full independence their energy would be spent on making a business or making money, they would not be so frustrated and would not need to take these frustrations out on israel.

you will still get the hammas types but i am sure they would drop to minority support as the palestinians gain more pride in their own land.

  Forum Editor 19:13 03 Jun 2010

"But i guess im going too far to speculate such a thing."

Yes, you are. This isn't a TV drama, so let's keep the wildly dramatic speculation out of it.

  spuds 19:45 03 Jun 2010

The YouTube link that you provided was a pure gem, because it seems to portray something very different to the role of peaceful activists. Belting seven bells out of someone with iron bars (filmed), throwing another from an higher deck to a lower deck (filmed), throwing petrol bombs (filmed),then we had the repeated stabbing (filmed). You also state that hitting someone with a plastic chair (filmed) "Hardly a deadly weapon".

If you knew anything about protection and security, then you would be fully aware and fully understand and appreciate that 'any item' can be deadly, whether in trained hands or otherwise.

And as for people stating 'pirates' or planting items, the whole saga becomes even more laughable with comments like that.

  john bunyan 19:56 03 Jun 2010

This is a difficult one. The ship was in international waters, and the "defenders" were faced by attackers pointing guns - in a domestic situation iron bars etc would probably be justified as a defence, as one is entitled to use "reasonable force" to resist an attack. Also the Israeli reaction was disproportionate in that they killed 10 defenders with no losses to them.
On the Israeli side, they thought they had the right to operate a blockade - they have not - the most they may be justified in is to stop and search the ship for weapons.The whole problem seems as far from a solution as ever.

  morddwyd 20:15 03 Jun 2010

"they have not "

Why not?

  spuds 20:41 03 Jun 2010

" the most they may be justified in is to stop and search the ship for weapons".

That was the intentions. Not so much stop, but conduct a thorough search on the cargo and personal, of all the ships. Israeli intelligence perhaps knew enough to sanction this exercise!.

Archivists come in many disguises. Some passive and some not so passive, as the video shown!.

As it is, most of those involved are on their way home, with perhaps a question mark as to their future travels!.

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