Have the Israel military gone too far

  rawprawn 17:44 31 May 2010

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I can understand their problems, but aid convoys in international waters seems a step too far.

  morddwyd 11:21 01 Jun 2010

When looking at international condemnation of Israel it should be borne in mind that good old mediaeval anti-Semitism is alive and well in many parts of the world, including the UK.

I don't think anyone would attribute such feelings to those using this forum, but comparing the deaths of a handful of activists, tragic though it is, who knew they were sailing into a war zone, with the deaths of tens of thousands of butchered three and four year olds, and younger, does little to strengthen anyone's arguments.

  [DELETED] 11:52 01 Jun 2010

How would you like to be forcibly evicted from your home, kept behind a wall,have your lands forcibly taken off you, have supplies rationed to you and be treated like a second class citizen? Don't you think you might be a tad upset? The Israelis do not do themselves any favours in the Middle East. It is worthwhile remembering that there were not only Jews in the concentration camps a fact which seems to escape many Holocaust writers.


  rawprawn 11:55 01 Jun 2010

There are bound to be view from both ends of the spectrum in any forum including this one. However the general feeling seems to follow that of most nations, in that more aid than is being allowed into Gaza is badly needed and a convoy would serve two purposes. 1) to bring aid, and 2) If it were stopped to bring the dire situation to the attention of the world. This it has achieved!
I feel it would have been better if aid had been delivered.

  rickf 12:02 01 Jun 2010

Israel behaves as if they own the world. The International just won't do anyhting about it. I agree with Gandalf. They are outrageously flouting international law all the time and getting away with it. It's no doubt that the Palestinians are suffering being what is warranted. Israel should be condemned inthe strongest possible terms. A boycott of Israeli products would not be a bad idea.
If you were forcibly evicted from your home and ahve it bulldozed in front of your eyes you would respond in the strongest possible way, wouldn't you?

  rickf 12:04 01 Jun 2010

Besides the blockade is illegal!!

  [DELETED] 12:05 01 Jun 2010

Thats what happens when you have to go into care if you have any asets. In this country.

  sunnystaines 12:52 01 Jun 2010

could not why the ships did not invite the israeli forces on board and let them check the cargo for weapons etc then once clear why the israel could then not let the ships proceed to gaza, cannot see gaza working till they get a free access port and airstrip

  spuds 14:43 01 Jun 2010

I am very surprised that no one as mentioned who was responsible for transporting the Jews to Palestine, that already small area on the globe. Perhaps the same could be stated about the division of India and Pakistan.

When the state of Israel was formed, it also brought terrorism, and lessons have been learned from that (and still are) by a far greater world-wide audience.

  [DELETED] 14:55 01 Jun 2010

I still don't understand how Israel can get away with not paying VAT for stuff they import into the UK.

  rawprawn 15:03 01 Jun 2010

To the best of my knowledge VAT is not applicable to any exported goods, it is an internal (IE: UK Tax)

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