Have the Israel military gone too far

  rawprawn 17:44 31 May 2010

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I can understand their problems, but aid convoys in international waters seems a step too far.

  Forum Editor 19:01 01 Jun 2010

is swinging against Israel's action, and the UN Security Council has moved into closed session, no doubt to consider what action may be taken.

Dialogue will ultimately provide a solution to the problems in the region, but at the moment it seems nobody wants to contemplate that. They'll have to come to it in the end, however.

  Flak999 19:18 01 Jun 2010

The UN is a toothless paper tiger, no better than the league of nations that it replaced. How many of its resolutions have been ignored? It can pass resolutions until the cows come home, but unless they are able to enforce them they are worthless.

How many UN peacekeeping forces have there been since the end of WW2? What have they achieved? Sanctions are circumvented easily, Israel understands that the only power that the Arabs recognise comes from the soldiers Tanks and Aircraft of the IDF.

As for dialogue being the solution, yes it is ultimately. But they have been talking about this for the last 62 years and the two sides are as far apart as ever!

The reason for this is that for dialogue to succeed one party must give way.

Israel never will!

  Flak999 19:27 01 Jun 2010

"Israel hasn't even contemplated going back to Germany."

I will assume for a moment that this is intended as a serious comment! Going back to Germany and doing what exactly? Germany is part of the EU and is a sovereign nation in its own right, what exactly would the Jews be doing uprooting themselves and saying to the German people "this is ours now"?

If another war in Europe is what you are seeking, this remarkable suggestion would bring it a lot closer!

I can only assume you are joking!?

  bremner 19:32 01 Jun 2010

You seem to be fixated on the Jews being german and Germany being their homeland.

In WW2 six million Jews were murdered by the Germans of which only 500,000 were living in Germany. The rest were in the countries invaded by the Germans.

Historically Judaism and the Jews were of course in the middle east where modern day Israel is. Of course the land is also that of the Palestinians.

  rawprawn 19:49 01 Jun 2010

I have a feeling that my original question is getting lost in personal political feelings, it was not my intention to create a religous or political discussion.
I think that the world opinion will eventually and hopefully persuade Israel to adopt a more tolerant attitude.Israeli's and Palestinians are all people just like us with sons, daughters, and families who they wish to protect.
Let us hope that common sense will prevail, and that somehow some good will come of this debacle.

  rickf 21:11 01 Jun 2010

Israel seems to forget they fought the British tooth and nail in the porcess of establishing themselves and were labelled terrorists at the time. So convenient for them to now call the arabs terrorists. One man's terrorist is another's hero.

  morddwyd 22:21 01 Jun 2010

"The Palestinians do not help themselves in their suffering by electing a Hamas Government! "

I don't think they did, did they?

They elected Fatah. Hamas didn't like it and seized power where they are stronger, in Gaza.

Bit like Labour seizing power in Scotland because they are stronger there than the Tories.

  Flak999 00:18 02 Jun 2010

"I don't think they did, did they?"

Yes they did! click here and also here click here

  morddwyd 06:39 02 Jun 2010

There's been an election since then.

"Hamas Seize Control"

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There's an awful lot of comment about homes being bulldozed etc. but this issue has nothing to do with the West Bank per se.

Israel is not blockading Palestine, but Gaza, where the regime, even under Palestinian law and constitution, is illegal.

That is why Egypt closed its border with Gaza when Hamas seized power, although they have now reopened it.

On a totally different tack, Israel is now "deporting" hundreds of activists.

Blockade runners or not, these are not convicted criminals or illegal immigrants, but prisoners captured on the high seas.

They are surely being released and repatriated, not deported?

  sunnystaines 10:06 02 Jun 2010

perhaps the UN could assemble a force to take aid through to gaza, israel would be unlikley to attack the UN.

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