Have the Israel military gone too far

  rawprawn 17:44 31 May 2010

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I can understand their problems, but aid convoys in international waters seems a step too far.

  [DELETED] 22:26 31 May 2010

Paranoid yes thats why the got the nukes

  spuds 22:36 31 May 2010

What's paranoid about living in fear virtually every day.

Perhaps the UK, USA or any other country might as well get rid of their intelligence services. At least they would not have the worry about who detonated the next bomb!.

  [DELETED] 03:52 01 Jun 2010

Israel has become worse and worse over the years. Innocent lives no longer seem to matter to them.
They were victims of last centurys holocaust and I am starting to wonder if they will be the creators of this centurys.

  morddwyd 07:06 01 Jun 2010

"Innocent lives no longer seem to matter to them."

Actually they do, but mainly innocent Israeli lives.

Awfully difficult to blame them for that.

  [DELETED] 07:15 01 Jun 2010

Hamas murder innocent Isrealis so they murder innocent Palestians, sorry but israel has become as bad as the terrorusts and in some cses far worse.

  [DELETED] 07:48 01 Jun 2010

Naughty naughty!

  [DELETED] 09:20 01 Jun 2010

Ok they were tortured by the Nazi's many were killed but why are they acting like the Gestapo. Are they filled with Nazi German Traits.

Are they now on the agenda of taking over the world is this paranoia. Do they really need nuclear weapons to defend themselves from ???????.....

Seems that if any other Arab country has nuclear weapons Israel goes mad so why are they justified in having nuclear weapons and why is the bbc biased in many ways.

Are now to be controlled by a new power - Israel???

And the other thing is why do they like to make things up. ie if they went on strike no services in the Unite kingdom would run is there a secret agenda to control every company in the UK.

If they want they land they so desire they should go back and own Germany as it was the Nazi's who almost destroyed them.

  johndrew 09:41 01 Jun 2010

As I understand it, Israel has blockaded the port to which this ship was sailing and had advised the vessel that this was the case. It is pointless saying you are blockading a port without enforcing your statement.

Britain would never do such a thing as blockade a port - would they?

If you believe the answer to the above is "no", then perhaps the blockade of Beira from 1966 to 1975 never occurred. Even though the action is a historical fact. We also boarded ships in international waters (piracy?) to enforce it.

I feel certain that other nations have also carried out such actions.

If when boarding a vessel to enforce a stated blockade, because the vessel ignores advice, those boarding are attacked, then it is only reasonable they should defend themselves. Or perhaps it is the opinion of some that such action is unreasonable and those boarding should allow themselves to be beaten/stabbed to death.

  [DELETED] 10:22 01 Jun 2010

You got to admire them, they dont mess around when it comes to defending themselves. The ship ignored the rules and paid the price.

  Al94 10:36 01 Jun 2010

It's worth recalling that the General Belgrano was in international waters when it was attacked and sunk, an act robustly defended by Mrs Thatcher click here

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