Have Intel lost the plot?

  t.long 11:11 07 Oct 2004

I brought a new Prescott and the heat issue is seriously making me consider water cooling, or simple scrapping it and installing an AMD based system!

Well thats me, but it appears other people are not happy with the Prescott. And it is not just that heat issue. Its performance is on many applications - according to benchmarks at Toms Hardware - worse than the older Northwood core, and certainly worse than the AMD 64s. Only in a few very specialist applications does it do better than its predicessor or the AMD.

Whilst the different in performance would probably not be noticed by a human, they hardly serve as a good indication for anyone asking the age old 'AMD or Intel question'.

This is the first Intel CPU I have owned - well since the days of 386s at least - and to be frank I think it will be long long time before I get another. People in other forums seem to agree with me on the 'never again' issue.

Does anyone have any idea what the point of the Prescott is, other than the fact it is cheaper to make than the old Northwood or so I hear. I am sure Intel will not be damaged by this too much, its not like its a bad CPU, if you can live with its faults. But at a time when Intel is facing stiff competion - AMD getting the lead on 64bit - could the Prescott be considered a mistake?

Please do not see this as some sort of anti Intel rant. I admit in my case the situation I am in - with the heat issue - is entirly my fault for not doing my research before I pulled out my credit card. Its just I expected better from Intel.

  The_Gog 12:43 07 Oct 2004

I was juggling with the AMD/Intel problem with my PC, I am currently in the process of ordering the components from Ebuyer to build my own.

I had initially selected a 3.2 Prescott, but on reading your review here, I then went onto read the review about the chip on the Ebuyer website and then onto other reviews on the web.

It seems that this chip does suffer with heat problems and when browsing around articles I came upon some benchmark testing which had shown the chip against some AMD alternatives and Intel alternatives. It looks like AMD win everytime.

Again I want to disclaim (like t.long has) that I am not 'slagging' off Intel, it is just a bit worrying when you are spending so much money on components to read reviews like that.

I have now changed my order for a AMD motherboard and ordered a AMD Athlon 64 3400+, if only I had the money for the Clawhammer chip, but you can't have everything!

  t.long 13:32 07 Oct 2004

This article at Toms Hardware guide might be of use, click here. It details the benchmark scores of various different CPUs on lots of apps.

I am glad if nothing else that what I have written has made you do some research, somthing I should of done. But I made my bed. For some people I think the Prescott is the best chip out there, but for others it is a poor choice.

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