Have I done something wrong

  scarecrow-bill 00:31 27 Jan 2011

A big red padlock has appeared on my last post.

What have done wrong?

  scarecrow-bill 00:33 27 Jan 2011

What have I done wrong?

  DippyGirl 00:47 27 Jan 2011

Doesnt FE explain on page 2 why?
or am I missing something?

  scarecrow-bill 01:04 27 Jan 2011

No that would be me not looking for a second page.

Thank you for your sound advice.

I am not sure if you can but I would like it if you could remove my original post (Bike Accident)

As you have said I am not sure this is the right place for this type of topic.

I thank all for their input.

  Uboat 01:24 27 Jan 2011


Hiya! it maybe because FE knows that it would be wrong for any of us to offer advice when we are not in a situation to do so, it sounds harsh i know but it covers the website legally and it will stop you from maybe getting the wrong advice, & i mean that without any insult to the boys on here :-)


  spuds 13:07 27 Jan 2011

I wouldn't take it to heart, it would be nothing personal,because these sort of actions take place on occasions.

It might pay to download the forum rules at the top of the page, near your Welcome username, if you are unsure about anything?.

  Quickbeam 15:04 27 Jan 2011

You haven't lived until you get a locked thread or deleted post. I got one the other day for what I wouldn't have thought necessary if it weren't for two replies to it that sent it over the top.

  jakimo 15:32 27 Jan 2011

Some opinions expressed may not be to the liking of 'he who must be obeyed' then of course are the very offensive ones

  Diemmess 15:43 27 Jan 2011

.......... for locking the post.
He said.
"I'm going to lock your thread now - not because you've done anything wrong, but because we aren't qualified to advise you further, other than to say that you shouldn't act on the silly advice given by another forum member about phoning the Police and saying the other driver smelled of drink. That would be a very foolish thing to do."

  scarecrow-bill 18:13 27 Jan 2011

I would agree with what the FE has said about his reasons.
I had not seen that a second page had been started, So did not see his reasons when I started this thread.
My bag sorry.

  morddwyd 19:56 27 Jan 2011

It was me wot gave the "silly advice".

It was given to me by a serving policeman, traffic at that!

Sorry if I led anyone into dangerous paths.

To be fair he (nor I) mentioned the driver smelling of drink, which is a false allegation, but simply that there was a smell of drink, which may just be a mistake, though this is simply hairsplitting I know

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