Have the Americans taken over PC Advisor?

  Onizuka 15:15 16 Jan 2009

MoD computers hit by deadly virus
Systems shut down to avoid infection
Jeremy Kirk
Ministry of Defense (MoD) computers have been hit by a severe virus that affects email and internet access.

I thought PC Advisor was a British publication.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:01 16 Jan 2009

I thought MOD was British/ho hum


  Onizuka 16:13 16 Jan 2009

Exactly my point. Why is PCA showing it as "Ministry of Defense" rather than "Ministry of Defence"?

  MAT ALAN 16:23 16 Jan 2009

OH!!! that will be one of them there spelling mistakes then...

  Forum Editor 16:40 16 Jan 2009

is one letter in a word, and whether it's a 'c' or an 's' I envy you.

It certainly isn't something that warrants a thread of its own in a web forum, is it?

  Managing ed 16:44 16 Jan 2009

Rest assured the appropriate person has been flogged on horseguard's parade.

  nangadef 16:44 16 Jan 2009

FE it's on a par with other trivia you let be discussed without such comments innit.

  Managing ed 16:47 16 Jan 2009

Horseguards Parade.

  Colin 16:50 16 Jan 2009

"If all you have to worry about is one letter in a word, and whether it's a 'c' or an 's' I envy you." What an immature comment. I'm sure he's got other things to worry about but his point is valid.

However, it does relate to a comment about America which the FE won't stand for!

If the subject doesn't warrant a thread of its own, then don't respond and it will then just disappear down the list into oblivion.

  simonjary 16:57 16 Jan 2009

All sorted now and apologies for lapse into American spelling given. (Jeremy is American but based in our London office. We'll make him eat fish and chips for a week.)

Publisher, PC Advisor

  Al94 17:11 16 Jan 2009

Actually, Managing ed, it should be Horse Guards Parade. I agree it's a pity about the tetchy response (again)

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