Have Amazon Changed Their Delivery ?(2)

  morddwyd 08:21 20 Feb 2019

Remember my earlier thread on this?

click here it appears they have.

Yesterday i received official notification from Amazon Logistics that after twenty years or so, they Will no longer deliver to me.

My difficulties with Sainsbury were easily solve by shopping with Tesco, losing access to Amazon will make a bigger difference.

97% of my shopping is done on line, and 95% of that is with Amazon, two or three parcels a week, every week, everything from brown sauce and baked beans to high end (£900), televisions and computers.

Obviously most of the stuff is available elsewhere, but not as easily, and certainly not using a "one click" system. One stop shopping is just as convenient on line as it is at the local retail park!

I fear this will make a real difference to my quality of life.


  Belatucadrus 09:10 20 Feb 2019

So far I've not encountered any difficulties and can't see any notification of changes to delivery terms on the website.

Could you post the text of the Official notification, see if we can work out what they're on about ?

  wee eddie 11:29 20 Feb 2019

Having read your previous postings, I am lead to believe that many of your deliveries are to 3rd parties, specified by you, when you cannot make the door in time.

If you have also complained about failed deliveries, or rotting products. Most Companies will decide to close an account when the number of problem deliveries reaches a certain level.

  bremner 15:06 20 Feb 2019

It is difficult to realistically comment on your posting as you have not given the reason behind why they are declining to deliver to you.

  Forum Editor 17:53 20 Feb 2019

It might be helpful to know what they said by way of a reason for their decision.

  morddwyd 20:13 20 Feb 2019

I don't want to copy the full email in a public forum as it contains personal derails, but this is the relevant paragraph

"However we fully understand that in many of your purchases previously even for higher value items drivers, have been able to leave these in your secure location due to your situation, however this is against the driver policy as it stands."

For clarification I have never asked for deliveries to a third party - if I could do this my problem would be solved!

Also the only food I have ever had spoiled was a chicken at the height of last summer which had obviously been on the van a bit too long. This was from Tesco who not only regularly deliver a £100+ grocery order to my safe place, but take the trouble to place my chilled and frozen items in the cold box I leave available. I did not complain about this but suggested to Tesco that they might mention it to their drivers. I stresser I did not want recompense, but wrote for information only.

As I said in earlier posts, it is a system in widespread use across the country, accepted by legal services and most insurers.

  Belatucadrus 22:11 20 Feb 2019

I'd ask them to be specific as to how your secure location contravenes their driver policy, then inquire as to what if anything can be done to make it OK with them. The ordering system still allows the selection of a Safe place, so as the system appears to be unchanged presumably they perceive your Safe place as being unsafe for some reason. They have yet to explain themselves clearly.

  qwbos 00:52 21 Feb 2019


The email you received will almost certainly have been generated automatically.

A few years back, I had what Amazon later agreed, was the order from hell. I ordered all the components for a desktop plus a monitor on a Prime trial. From memory, one item arrived the next day, the remainder taking up to a week. I accepted the third monitor that was sent, rejecting others due to obvious handling damage. The replacement processor (from England) arrived a day before the original that had been sent from Spain and got stuck in Germany when the plane broke down. Some items were sent from Dunfermline yet went all the way down to Hatfield before coming back up to north of Aberdeen etc etc etc

I managed to get through the customer service system to somebody senior in the UK and spent around 2 hours in total on the phone with her. She bent over backwards discounting everything she could in that order and even went back to previous orders and discounted them in order to compensate me to a level she felt adequate. At that stage, I felt happy that my order from hell related problems were over.

Then a couple of months later, I received an email threatening to close my account due to the large number of returns, all of which had earlier been accepted as Amazon's fault. But Amazon's system doesn't seem to differentiate between returns due to Amazon or the customer, even though the reason for return has to be given.

It's a case of left hand not knowing what the right hand's doing. All I can suggest is that you contact customer support and try and talk it through with somebody senior.

Last resort, you can email the CEO - details on here

  john bunyan 07:09 21 Feb 2019

I imagine Jeff is busy with fighting Trump and his divorce so may be hard to contact

Jeff’s wife

  Forum Editor 08:32 21 Feb 2019


"it just happen to be dustbin day and the wheelie bin got emptied along with the parcel inside it".

Could you not have nipped over and told your neighbour, or even phoned before the bin was emptied?

  Forum Editor 08:40 21 Feb 2019

Obviously it is up to each business to decide on its own delivery policy, and many online retailers are discovering the simple truth, which is that lots of people are dishonest. Either they say the package was not delivered, or they steal packages from other peoples' so-called secure locations after delivery.

Once a policy of non-delivery to these secure locations has been decided on it must obviously be applied across the board, if you start making exceptions you find that suddenly everyone wants to be an exception.

That said, lots of things are negotiable if you go about it the right way. In this case the only way is to try to talk to a human being at Amazon - escalate it as far up the management structure as you can. I'm not optimistic to be honest, but you never know. Any one of us could be in your situation at some point, and you might get hold of someone who understands that.

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