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Has Trump started a huge conflict?

  john bunyan 07:26 03 Jan 2020

Trump has ordered the killing in Baghdad of a top Iranian General. Knowing the psyche of the Iranians and remembering the time the US Embassy there , some years ago, was attacked, I would not like to be an American diplomat in Iraq or Iran at the moment,


  Belatucadrus 12:39 11 Jan 2020

Looks like a bit of Iranian internal politics. The revolutionary guard is a very powerful group and more than a bit of " a law unto themselves ". Seems like this screwup is being used by the clerics to take them down a notch. I also think that some of the tears shed over Qasem Soleimani by the powers that be were a bit crocodilian, as a populist leader of Quds, another paramilitary group that they have little real control of, he was a political power in the region. I suspect some of the Iranian power structure are secretly glad that he's out of the equation, though they're never going to say as much in public.

  john bunyan 13:53 11 Jan 2020

They missed one!!

Quds man missed in Yemen

  morddwyd 18:03 11 Jan 2020

Shades of 42 years ago!

Or even further, 61 years ago.

I inadvertently put a missile across the active runway of a major Middle East airport, much to the consternation of a BOAC captain who was just 50 metres away in the middle of his take off run and had already raised the nosewheel.

Luckily if had no guidance system and simply flew straight and level and buried itself in the sand a mile or so away.

Don't knock a mistake under operational pressure until you've tried such pressure.

  wee eddie 18:25 11 Jan 2020

My father shelled Hull by accident. They were testing the guns of he new command, the Melbrake, a Hunt Class Destroyer, with a brand new crew and gang of Dockyard Maties (as he called them) on board.

They reached the end of their allotted area and had to come about, so my father told the new Bridge Messenger to run and tell the new Gunner, what they were about to do. Now, an old hand had told the youngster that, should he not understand what he had been told, to say "Aye-Aye Sir" and leave the Bridge at the double, count to 100 and return and come to attention with a salute. Which he duly did.

3 shells had been fired into Hull before anyone noticed. Luckily, although a couple of houses were hit, there was no one in them at the time.

  Sutimeister 16:21 13 Jan 2020

So everything is good now or Trump is going to fire back ? (i'm not from the US and i didn't followed everything news wise).

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