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Has Trump started a huge conflict?

  john bunyan 07:26 03 Jan 2020

Trump has ordered the killing in Baghdad of a top Iranian General. Knowing the psyche of the Iranians and remembering the time the US Embassy there , some years ago, was attacked, I would not like to be an American diplomat in Iraq or Iran at the moment,


  Dunk 21:23 07 Jan 2020


"Well if they did that would be problem solved! At least as far as Iran was concerned!"

That must rank as the most naive comment yet! The 'problem' (or life, as I like to think of it) would likely to be solved for all of us shortly after the first nuclear strike.

  john bunyan 21:30 07 Jan 2020

No, don’t forget Russia is “ in “ Syria and has conducted naval exercises with Iran and China so a nuke confrontation could escalate. Pakistan, a Sunni stronghold has nukes as well . Iran is the centre of where civilisation started , and many Iranians are very well educated, sensible people- led , admittedly, by fanatics, but assassinations such as this are more than likely to unite the country. I wonder if there is any chance of a long term solution?

  x13 06:29 08 Jan 2020
  morddwyd 09:22 08 Jan 2020

Well if they did that would be problem solved! At least as far as Iran was concerned!

That's what Alexander the Great thought.

  Quickbeam 18:54 08 Jan 2020

Pity Trump doesn't know who Alexander the Great was!

  john bunyan 18:01 09 Jan 2020

It seems the Iranian missile attack on U S Iraq base was a bit of a token. However it appears that the 3 year old Ukrainian Boeing was shot down in Iran by Iranian missiles , maybe in error . The repercussions of this are only just starting.

  Quickbeam 06:46 10 Jan 2020

If it was intended they'd be claiming it as some post of success.

I wonder if it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time that the missiles were being flung around?

Boeing don't seem to believe that it's circumstances are any kind of technical problem.

  Quickbeam 07:10 11 Jan 2020

Well they admit it now.

  john bunyan 08:30 11 Jan 2020

Shades of 42 years ago!

USS Vincennes

  Govan1x 12:12 11 Jan 2020

Obviously as it was leaving from iran it would going away from iran and would not have came up as an attack on iran. if it was heading into iran i could see how that mistake could have happened.

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