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Has Trump started a huge conflict?

  john bunyan 07:26 03 Jan 2020

Trump has ordered the killing in Baghdad of a top Iranian General. Knowing the psyche of the Iranians and remembering the time the US Embassy there , some years ago, was attacked, I would not like to be an American diplomat in Iraq or Iran at the moment,


  rickf 09:19 06 Jan 2020

Report today that he was in Iraq negotiating a deal with the Saudis to lessen tension between the two countries. If this turns out to be true, his assassination by Trump is more than sinister. Does the US in fact want instability in the region in order to have domination. Divide and rule as they say.

  Pine Man 12:47 06 Jan 2020

Where do we make our contribution to the fund?

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  Quickbeam 06:56 07 Jan 2020

Is this the ultimate case of pot kettle black...?

  john bunyan 12:04 07 Jan 2020


See my link in my post of 4 Jan at 7.04. Same story I think?

Now a stampede at the funeral has killed about 40 and around 200 injured!!

stampede at funeral

  john bunyan 12:06 07 Jan 2020

Link at 7.14 not 7.04!

  geoff96 15:49 07 Jan 2020

"He could have wiped them all off the face of the planet and solved the Iranian menace once and for all!"

What a daft suggestion. Then how many millions of Muslims would be baying for blood.

  Flak999 16:39 07 Jan 2020

Seems to me they are baying for blood now! If Trump had killed the whole of the Iranian leadership the downtrodden Iranian population could have taken back control of their country and perhaps forged a path toward democracy!look at today another 50 dead, trampled trying to watch a funeral! Amazing!

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  Flak999 16:40 07 Jan 2020


I refer you to my 16.39 post!

  john bunyan 17:56 07 Jan 2020

A worse possibility is if Iran launched a massive attack on Israel; they may well respond with nukes and a WW3 would be risked

  Flak999 18:56 07 Jan 2020

"they may well respond with nukes"

Well if they did that would be problem solved! At least as far as Iran was concerned!

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