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Has Trump started a huge conflict?

  Anon-433127 07:26 03 Jan 2020

Trump has ordered the killing in Baghdad of a top Iranian General. Knowing the psyche of the Iranians and remembering the time the US Embassy there , some years ago, was attacked, I would not like to be an American diplomat in Iraq or Iran at the moment,


  Anon-302934 07:08 05 Jan 2020

This morning's news reports that 52 targets are planned if there is an Iranian tit for tat attack. The 52 targets representing the 52 hostages taken in the '78 US Iranian embassy attack.

He certainly knows how to antagonise a foe to the maximum. This seems like a fully costed but ham fisted plan to prolong the east/west ill feeling at a maximum for a few decades more.

Is this his intended legacy?

  Anon-302934 09:39 05 Jan 2020

...and at least the Foreign Secretary looks like not kowtowing to Trump's whims.

  Anon-311782 09:55 05 Jan 2020

In a classic line from a classic Western ,

"I you're going to shoot someone, do it, don't talk about it!"

  Anon-302934 10:27 05 Jan 2020


Well what was the western then!

  Anon-338298 10:31 05 Jan 2020

"I you're going to shoot someone, do it, don't talk about it!"

I think that modern international conflict is a very different proposition. In that context the more posturing that takes place the better - it can serve to get people thinking about the awful consequences of an all-out war. Better to threaten your enemies and have them threaten you back than to say nothing and press the fire buttons.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump did press the fire button and now the world must wait to see what the response will be. That there will definitely be a response is certain, but it is equally certain that it will be a carefully calculated and executed response. Iran's leaders will be discussing how to hit back hard enough to shock, but not so hard that it invites an all-out declaration of war by America. A war which Iran could not possibly hope to win.

Now is the time for Trump to show us all whether he has any real leadership qualities at all. If he has, he'll just walk softly and carry a big stick. America's Homeland security system is in for a very testing time.

  Anon-2432433 10:35 05 Jan 2020

A war which Iran could not possibly hope to win.

If there is a war there will be no winners.

  Anon-2450428 11:33 05 Jan 2020

of course it may well be that, because Trump warned about hitting 'Americans', the Iranians could well go after America's allies (gulp!), thereby hitting Trump, yet allowing him leeway not to retaliate (because he only talked about Americans getting hurt).

If it's ourselves that is in the firing line, what does our PM do? Take on Iran himself? Getting very dangerous.

  Anon-302934 13:28 05 Jan 2020

We could always get our monies worth out of Trident...

  Anon-433127 14:40 05 Jan 2020

Deliberately targeting some cultural sites eg mosques etc is a potential war crime.

In the past, assassinations have tended to start, rather than end, wars . Eg Archduke Ferdinand. The USA decision to withdraw from the nuclear agreement was another stupid idea.

As with Vietnam, it may be we should keep out of this conflict?

  Anon-2450428 14:43 05 Jan 2020


Why did your comment make me think of this?

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