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Has Trump started a huge conflict?

  john bunyan 07:26 03 Jan 2020

Trump has ordered the killing in Baghdad of a top Iranian General. Knowing the psyche of the Iranians and remembering the time the US Embassy there , some years ago, was attacked, I would not like to be an American diplomat in Iraq or Iran at the moment,


  john bunyan 07:42 03 Jan 2020

I meant , of course, the Iranian US embassy years ago . A major retaliation seems inevitable

  Quickbeam 08:20 03 Jan 2020

For someone that doesn't want to be militarily involved in middle eastern conflicts, this is a strange action.

  Quickbeam 08:57 03 Jan 2020

If he's wise (which he isn't), he'll resist the urge to gloat over it.

  Dunk 09:00 03 Jan 2020

The Donald just running true to form, I reckon.

But, hey, not to worry - come Brexit we'll be heading to become his next new State. With Johnson as his local 'governor' - has the world gone crazy?

  wee eddie 09:24 03 Jan 2020

Trump appears to be unable to comprehend the consequences of his actions. The man's a lunatic

  Govan1x 10:07 03 Jan 2020

Maybe just waiting for Iran to retaliate before he sends the troops in.

Probably just waiting for an excuse to do that and iran will have to think twice before retaliating.

You cant just stand by and see your Embasey's being ransacked and do nothing.

For every action there will be a reaction.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:27 03 Jan 2020

Can't help thinking, after he failed to get anywhere with North Korea, that a war with Iran and a glorious victory, is his next attempt at achieving something big, so he can go down in history as a big success, the biggest success the world has ever seen!

  Dunk 12:41 03 Jan 2020

We should be worried in case we end up being taken into a war along with the US - there is history here!

  john bunyan 20:07 03 Jan 2020

John Bolton , the hawk, always wanted to do something like this. Trump resisted such actions then. The Iraq war, that set off a chain of Shiite vs Sunni conflicts proved that actions of this latest kind can cause huge , unexpected consequences- ? Attacks on Saudi oil ? Closure of Straits of Hormuz ? Attacks on western targets in remote countries? Afghanistan? Yemen? The list is endless. A Pandora’s box has been blown open

  wee eddie 23:46 03 Jan 2020

I would have great difficulty in blaming the Iranians if they assassinated General James McConville or some of his Staff Officers.

Such an escalation would have been totally "The Donald's" fault

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