Has there been an outbreak of commonsense...

  Forum Editor 15:48 28 Nov 2018

or should parents be free to ignore their children and check their phones over supper?

  canarieslover 16:22 28 Nov 2018

Height of bad manners, and nobody should ignore their children like that anyway. I know it used to be a case of 'children should be seen but not heard' but I never agreed with that either. If you elect to have children then take the responsibilty of bringing them up with respect for other people and good manners as well.

  Aitchbee 16:35 28 Nov 2018

A replacement black obelisk device might do the trick.

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  oresome 19:42 28 Nov 2018

I rather suspect that there's a diminishing number of families who sit round a table and eat together on a regular basis.

A meal out at a restaurant may be an exception to that but it's obvious in many cases that the kids don't know how to eat with a knife and fork or behave at the table and are probably more used to eating off a tray with their fingers while watching the TV.

I've noticed many parents don't even make eye contact with their young child while pushing them in a pram. Too busy engrossed with their phone.

  BT 09:19 29 Nov 2018

..it's obvious in many cases that the kids don't know how to eat with a knife and fork..

Hoe true. I've noticed when they've been discussing School Dinners on TV and many of the Kids seem to have no idea how to hold a knife and fork properly and hold forks and spoons like a shovel. Following on from that most Kids don't know how to hold a pen/pencil properly either.

  HondaMan 11:51 29 Nov 2018

A few years back, some friends came to us for a meal and their daughter who at the time was about 13 was most surprised that we sat at the table for our breakfast. And, like others have said, barely knew how to hold a knife and fork.

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