Has PCA website slowed slightly?

  Nontek 11:16 25 Jul 2012

PCA seems to be a bit slow to open pages over the last few days, is anyone else experiencing this too?

All other sites open instantly on the click of the mouse button, PCA used to but now changing pages takes several seconds each time.

Or perhaps I am just being too picky!

  KRONOS the First 11:18 25 Jul 2012

Yes it has been slow, and no you are not being picky.

  Nontek 11:20 25 Jul 2012

Thanks for your comment Chronus - I am glad it is not just me, though I am not really complaining, honest!

  Nontek 11:25 25 Jul 2012

Although marginally slower, at least the recent problems seem to have been well sorted by the back-room boys!

Thanks to those concerned!

  birdface 13:57 25 Jul 2012

17 seconds to open in IE9. 13 seconds using Firefox with waiting for is the hold up.

  Nontek 14:25 25 Jul 2012


Hi, I mainly use FF, I have five main regular Tabs open which all, except PCA, open instantly on the mouse click! PCA used to open the same as the other four, in an instant.

But I am not complaining, just commenting!

  Forum Editor 14:44 25 Jul 2012

For years and years there have been people who complained about slow-loading. I know that you're not one of those people, so don't think I'm getting at you. There are certain people who just love to jump in to any thread about our site and have a snipe at us however.

We know who they are, and I can predict their responses with almost 100% accuracy.

  Nontek 14:45 25 Jul 2012

Seems my comment at 1125hrs today was a bit premature, just tried My Profile, Profile did not open, instead I got the page to Update my Profile which I do not want to click on as my Profile has not recently changed!

Previously, like a few days ago, My Profile opened correctly!

  birdface 16:55 25 Jul 2012

Forum Editor

Not sure if I am one of the ones that you mean but there are not many to choose from on this thread,So why not just come straight out and mention who instead of going round the back door. If it is running slow would you not want to know.

I know we want you to know so that maybe it can be fixed.

We know that you know and we just wait to see how long you take to fix it.

Still waiting to get e-mails being sent to me stopped and it does not seem to matter how many times I complain it never gets fixed.

If we complain there is a reason for it if we don't complain we are not here.

It is a pity we should not have to complain.The site should be working properly so no use complaining about us complaining you should be complaining about the ones that get paid to get the site working properly and are not making a very good job of it.

You get a post that asks is the site working slow.

So instead of saying yes there is someone looking into why it is running slow.You pick on the ones complaining.

They are not complaining they just want to know if they are the only ones with the problem.And no they are not.

So what do we do about it.We get them to stop complaining then we get no more complaints, looks like the answer.

  birdface 17:00 25 Jul 2012

Sorry I should have added.

PCA I can predict their responses with almost 100% accuracy.

Yes it will get fixed eventually. Stop Complaining.

  Forum Editor 20:41 25 Jul 2012


I'm sorry, I can see that I touched a raw spot, but actually I wasn't referring to you at all - reign back the paranoia.

If the site runs slow we probably know about it before you do, and if there's something we can do we do it. If it happens outside normal working hours it isn't going to be fixed until the following day. If it's the result of particularly heavy traffic loads there's nothing we can do, but those cases resolve themselves pretty quickly.

If the cause is outside on the internet (and it often is) there's nothing we can do. Those situations are the ones that result in one person posting 'the site is running slowly' and another person - who lives fifty miles away - saying 'it's fine for me'.

Contrary to what you seem to think I hate it when people have reason to complain - I've been doing this job now for over a decade, and the forum is in my blood. I'm here during the evenings, but I don't have access to the server then, so I can do nothing at all, except field posts like yours and Nontek's.

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