Has our Judiciary lost the plot?

  wee eddie 13:08 26 Oct 2018

And exhibited its chauvinistic heritage.

There is, in my mind, little problem with "Non-disclosure" agreements, except where they are used to cover criminal activities.

In the case of Sir Phillip Green, it should not have been granted in the first place as the Court of Appeal intimated

  john bunyan 13:31 26 Oct 2018

See other thread.


  wee eddie 13:50 26 Oct 2018

Sorry JB, but this is nothing about Hain, breaking the Disclosure Agreement.

I intended that it be about whether a Non-disclosure Agreement should have been allowed in the first place

  john bunyan 14:03 26 Oct 2018

*wee eddie *

OK. The Cliff Richard case was an example, where no charges were pending, the Police and BBC colluded to televise a raid on the house of an innocent man. Had he known, maybe he could have obtained an injunction to stop publicity. Non Disclosure Agreements are a two edged sword, as we see in the case of Trump vs Stormy Daniels. I dislike Trump but she took a payment to shut up. She could have sued instead so it is a bit rich to come at him again. I think such agreements are difficult. If a criminal act is covered up the court should be able to overturn it, but in damages etc cases the don’t sign if you don’t want to

  Quickbeam 18:07 26 Oct 2018

We can have cooling off periods for most other contracts, so I reckon that an NDA signed while under pressure could be seen as an unfair contract if it primarily benefits only one party.

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