has Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer done a

  Algerian peter ™ 17:36 24 Aug 2013

good job?

The city do not think so. Share price jumped up by 9% on news of his forthcoming retirement. Can you think of any of his successes?

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  Aitchbee 19:51 24 Aug 2013

Whoever replaces Ballmer as head of Microsoft, he or she will 'have to get get their head around' & 'bite the bullet' to the fact that their flagship software, namely Windows, needs a new name or logo.

My suggestion:- Windowlene.

  Algerian peter ™ 20:04 24 Aug 2013

A lean version of windows would be welcome.

  LastChip 00:59 25 Aug 2013

Has he done a good job? Who knows, but if the Microsoft share price is a barometer - No!

The problem is, he never was a visionary and he's stumbled through several disasters, which are likely to be remembered a lot longer than any successes he may have enjoyed.

I strongly suspect he was shoved out. But that's only my suspicion and even if he was, it's unlikely it'll ever be confirmed in public.

Microsoft is known to have a lousy culture, with a disjointed and discontented workforce. Hardly a recipe for success.

They missed the boat so often over the past decade, that it's almost laughable. Not least was the transition to mobiles becoming a dominant factor in data communications.

The writing was on the wall several years ago.

Even now, they're playing catchup with all the other major players, not least of which are Amazon and Google.

Not exactly a CV to be proud of.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:10 25 Aug 2013

My memory of him was a bald fat man jumping about a stage somewhere in overthetop land screaming I love this company.Shudder.

But I agree a leaner Windows would be welcome but any improvement on Windows 8 would be good.

But one thing I would really like to see is Microsoft produce software that is simple and works. Microsofts versions of such software as Dropbox or Picassa or Gmail are not as smooth as these programs. sometime I think they try to be too (1 O or 2 ?)clever rather than remembering that 99% of people are not IT consultants.

  alanrwood 10:52 25 Aug 2013

Well Windows 7 was not a bad piece of work and that was done under Ballmer. His main downside is his refusal to bend to the wishes of his customers ie the Win 8 start menu. This creates the impression of a stubborn monolithic company which no one really likes but just have to put up with. Even Bill Gates admitted he was wrong not to develop with the internet when it first started to become popular. He was on records as saying it would never take off. At least he had the courage to admit he was wrong and to change direction quickly and put the resources behind it.

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