Has gun crime increased

  finerty 21:55 23 Oct 2010

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As gangs are getting bigger isn't gun crime increasing

  peter99co 22:53 23 Oct 2010

As long as they just keep it to shooting each other. It may be the thin edge of the wedge till we get in the firing line though.

  spuds 10:57 24 Oct 2010

Not according to police and Home Office reports.

But they said that about vehicle vandalism, when in actual fact people didn't bother to report the crime, because it was cheaper and easier to go to the local scrap yard or buy a can of paint. Also saved on the no-claims insurance discount for following years.

Personally I have no difference to a villain keeping 'it in-house' by shooting a fellow villain. Its the innocent people that I feel extremely sorry about and the aftermath of that.

  Forum Editor 11:11 24 Oct 2010

The short answer is no, it hasn't. The overall trend in the UK over the past few years has been a decrease in crimes involving the use of firearms.

  finerty 22:20 24 Oct 2010

As you say hasn't increased yet could there be more firearms held and hidden by theses so called gangs.

  Forum Editor 22:29 24 Oct 2010

but nobody has any way of knowing.

It's pretty certain that there are large numbers of illegal firearms in the country, but until or unless they are used in connection with a crime they do no harm.

  spuds 22:49 24 Oct 2010

When the government clamped down on the UK gun laws due to the Hungerford and Dunblane tragedies, there was many guns that disappeared and were not surrended to the authorities for various reasons. Some of those guns will surface at some time, and possibly not in the right hands.

That is one reason why the police forces are increasing their permanent firearm teams, including having reserve officer's on stand-by. At one time it was discussed that all police officer's should be firearm trained, even to the point of carrying weapons while on duty, like some of our EU partners do. This is still a subject that is occasionally revised by the government and ACPO.

Perhaps there should be an amnesty declared as previously done, then that might uncover further surprises. Even when the last amnesty was called, it wasn't totally confidential, private or secret, and some people who were going to hand items in, didn't. When grandma's were handing in bread-knifes and rolling pins, the true villains were still keeping their trophies.

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