Has fuel costs changed your car usage?

  WhiteTruckMan 11:17 06 May 2011

As I'm sure we all know, fuel is currently very expensive (and somehow I don't think it's going to come downeither!). But I'm noticing that althought through the day the roads are just as congested as they always are, through the evening they seem to be a lot quieter. Are you using your vehicle significantly less for personal/leisure reasons because of higher running costs, or am I just seeing a 'blip' in car usage?

No links, BTW, just personal observation. And has anyone else noticed this?


  woodchip 11:36 06 May 2011

Yes my Annual mileage as Dropped quite a bit when I MOT my Car

  hssutton 11:42 06 May 2011

As I have a severely disabled daughter my car usage remains the same. However I have altered the way I drive, less of banging my foot down on the accelerator and less use of brakes which according to the onboard computer as increased my Mpg from 37 to 43 Mpg.

I live on the East Coast and have never seen so much traffic as over the holiday period. Probably things will quieten down now the holidays are over

  Quickbeam 12:47 06 May 2011


  Al94 13:07 06 May 2011

Yes, have a holiday bolt hole, 230 mile round trip but don't go as often as in the past.

  Covergirl 13:13 06 May 2011

No. It costs more to go the same distance but it's a cost that has to be absorbed. This raises the cost of living and everyone ends up with less cash in their pocket. Same with booze, smokes and anything else that might be considered slightly pleasurable.

The Government know we will absorb this cost so keep putting the tax up.

One of my personal goals is to move somewhere warm when I retire. I will probably build in the taxation policies of the retirement destination and hopefully end up somewhere in the UAE where you can probably still fill a car for less than a tenner (whilst getting your windscreen cleaned, water checked etc)

  spuds 13:29 06 May 2011

It must be effecting some people badly, because yesterday I was at the local Tesco superstore, and their filling station had long queues. I was going to put some petrol in the vehicle, but decided against waiting.

The thing that was most noticeable, was Tesco offering petrol at approx £1.32 litre and a local independent (about a mile from Tesco) was offering theirs at £1.39 litre, and their forecourt was virtually empty, except for a prisoner transportation vehicle that was filling up.

My own driving habits are not much different to previous, because over the past years I have reduced mileage considerably.

  morddwyd 20:39 06 May 2011

It's beginning to.

£70 to fill up is not now the sort of expense you want twice a week.

  Colin 20:54 06 May 2011

My driving habits haven’t changed as fortunately it’s a cost I can absorb. I do very little social driving but I have quite a long drive to and from work in a rural setting and I enjoy it. I don’t speed but I get fed up being stuck behind some numpty doing 35mph on a single lane A road. They probably think they're saving fuel but I can bet that they’re in top gear with the car shuddering along doing the engine and transmission no good at all.

  sunnystaines 21:40 06 May 2011

yes, do not go away in the campervan so often now, diesel round here £1.41-£1.42, service last week £200, insurance £266, its going back to the early 70's era where any car was a luxury

  Strawballs 21:51 06 May 2011

Unfortunatly my use has gone up because my shift times have changed so my finish time is now past when the last ferry goes so instead of cycling and using ferry now have to drive the 15miles round and back each day.

But as others have said have been using onboard computer to monitor the way I drive and I think I will have to go smaller next change as the Nissan Primera SVE is a very thirsty beast

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