Has the forum performance improved for you?

  Forum Editor 19:11 01 Sep 2005

I hope that by now most of you will have noticed a distinct improvement in the way the forum is behaving. Pages should be loading rapidly, and the timeout errors that we were all experiencing when trying to post to the threads should be noticeable by their absence.

I'm not saying the war is won, but we have certainly made progress. Next week, if things appear to have settled down, we'll reinstate the 'My postings' facility, and watch the results. We think that all will be well, but we're going to make sure we can walk before we try to run. This forum takes a real hammering in terms of traffic - half a million threads in the archive takes some handling when the site is busy, and at peak times the software is having to cope with hundreds of page requests a minute. When you remember that each one of those pages is created dynamically by the software and the databases 'on the fly' and served to each forum user separately you'll have some idea of why there can be problems.

For the long term we're now looking at making some fairly major changes to your favourite forum - many of which will give us all a much better experience - so please hang on in there, it will be worth it in the end.

Thanks a million for being so patient over the past couple of weeks or so - we appreciate your loyalty. I'm posting the same thread in the Helproom.

  Edbanger 19:14 01 Sep 2005

It's flying along. Let's hope it stays like this.

  sunny staines 19:19 01 Sep 2005

big improvement with IE6, Firefox still a bit sluggish

  ade.h 19:20 01 Sep 2005

It is quite a bit better now. I still get fairly frequent errors, but a lot less than at its peak. Until recently, it was happening to virtually every page request and refreshing the page was no longer curing it as it used to do. For a couple of weeks, it was totally inaccessible, though I think I must have been one of the worst affected for whatever reason. The recent changes have definitely made an appreciable improvement and I would say it's about 90% sorted. Which is a big result given the complexities involved.

  patsyanne 19:38 01 Sep 2005

I find for the last 2 days its been great and had no problems someone behind the scenes has done a lot of work, slap on the back to them .

  J B 20:06 01 Sep 2005

Just posted a responce in the helproom forum using firefox, then came over here using I.E. and I must admit although I have a rather basic laptop with an athlon XP 3000+M this is the fastest that I.E. has ever responded on this site. All I can say is the improvement is outstanding. Thank You all. J.B.

  LastChip 21:15 01 Sep 2005

Fast, no errors thus far; a pleasure to use again. And incidentally, these day's I use it exclusively in Firefox. No difference either, whether I use a Linux box or Windows. In server response terms, both equally as fast :-)

  Ancient Learner 21:31 01 Sep 2005

It certainly has improved for me. Thank you. Whatever you all did, seems to have worked.

Now I hope for the resumption of 'My postins', when it can be safely managed, as it is the very devil to find a previous one in the Helproom forum.

  Joe R 21:59 01 Sep 2005

No errors tonight whatsoever, and looks like the site is getting back to the way it used to run.

A big and welcome improvement, take a bow PCA.

  Forum Editor 22:44 01 Sep 2005

That's a relief.

  Jim Thing 22:51 01 Sep 2005

"I hope that by now most of you will have noticed a distinct improvement in the way the forum is behaving."

It's really flying. Many thanks to whoever did such a great job.

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