Has 'computer rage' affected you yet?

  TOPCAT® 20:08 14 Nov 2004

When to get your back up for not backing up? TC.

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  CurlyWhirly 20:58 14 Nov 2004

I thought that the HDD in freezer "trick" worked (sometimes). Have I been misled?

I have heard this 'story' as well.
False info perhaps?

  Forum Editor 01:10 15 Nov 2004

why some people relieve their stress in this way - I admit I've been close a few times myself.

On one never-to-be-forgotten occasion I was working in a client's server room when I happened to glance up and see, through the glass wall, a woman - her face distorted with rage - push her monitor off her desk. It hit the floor with a crash, and when colleagues rushed over to help pick it up I could see that she was pretending it had been an accident. I kept her secret, and I never discovered what had made her do it, but it was a salutory lesson in the power of computer rage.

  Sapins 12:14 15 Nov 2004

It used to before I discovered PCA forums:-)

  Belatucadrus 12:56 15 Nov 2004

Last time it really got me was when I changed the fan on my CPU, to find the chip firmly secured to the incumbent fan block by some kind of thermal glue. I tried putting it back, but the fan block locked the CPU clamp down before you got the chip back in. Much cursing and stamping about later I finally got the CPU off the fan intact, to discover that as I'd got a Medion, it used a proprietary fan mount and the new one wouldn't fit. So I carefully replaced the old fan, reassembled everything and ordered a new mount so that I could fit my silent fan. When the new module arrived, fortunately fitting it was dead easy and the end result is a much quieter system, but that was definitely not a good day.

  TOPCAT® 00:46 16 Nov 2004

On the whole it seems from the replies so far that most here are of a level-headed nature, Dorsai being the exception - that poor little mouse, shame on you! :o) And Bandy deserves a medal for his patience and dedication, plus some recompense for his time and travel costs. :o)

On a more serious note it is a sobering fact many in our society these days live constantly at the short end of a fuse. Newer types of 'rages' are being reported just about every other week now. It is reported the cause can be blamed on the stresses of work, longer hours at the workplace, increasing domestic worries and a high-powered, live-for-today lifestyle.

The modern lifestyle apart, most of my working life demanded unsocial hours, seven days a week on many occasions, a dedication and commitment to see the job through to the end. Stress we took in our stride and left it at work - never took it home. I reckon it was the satisfaction and achievement of completing a good job that acted as our safety valve. After all, that's what we were being paid for. So our latter day fuses were much, much longer than the modern ones and I know which type I still prefer. TC.

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