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This has been a win win situation

  oresome 16:02 12 Jan 2019

I didn't put weight on over the festive period and have been able to ignore the fitness and dieting products pushed my way by various retailers.

The same retailers incidentally that were pushing the chocs and the puddings etc. earlier.

Give them another week or two and it will be the Easter eggs if they've not already arrived.

  wee eddie 16:21 12 Jan 2019

Easter Eggs have been on display at our local Morrisons since 2/1/19

  Quickbeam 16:58 12 Jan 2019

Cadburys creme eggs have been on sale since last Easter!

  martd7 16:59 12 Jan 2019

Same here my local Tesco have Easter eggs on show and still some Christmas decorations

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