Has anyone received an email from anonymous hacker?

  Forum Editor 11:46 21 Oct 2012

I did, this morning. It's all explained in this YouTube clip

It's perfectly safe to click my link. Take a look, and post your reaction here. I'm interested to hear what you make of it.

  Aitchbee 12:45 21 Oct 2012

I've not had any emails but the you-tube link's message, echos the gist of a book I am currently reading on 'A Guide to the Global Conspiracy (and how to end it)'...some of it [the book] makes sense.

  Nontek 13:02 21 Oct 2012

My reaction - What a loud of rubbish!

  Forum Editor 14:18 21 Oct 2012

fourm member

I was kind of hoping that the 'V for Vendetta' association wouldn't be outed so soon, but that was obviously me being naive.

As for "what's new?", it's that in the 1960s the internet didn't exist, although the same unrealistic fantasies did. What interests me at the moment is the way that the internet can be used by more or less anyone to spread the word - whatever it might be - to a potentially vast audience without too much trouble. I'm writing something that touches on that at the moment, and I'm information gathering.

  lotvic 15:03 21 Oct 2012

V for Vendetta (originally a ten-issue comic book series), Logan's run, 1984, Animal Farm - need I go on?

Maybe the younger generation that have never read or heard of this type of fiction could be duped into thinking it or any other fiction was real because of the internet coverage and the way it was presented.

A parallel can be drawn with the 1938 radio broadcast of 'The War of the Worlds'. Many people, of all ages, really thought that was happening because it was presented as 'news bulletins'.

  Flak999 15:52 21 Oct 2012

The message behind this video is one that plays on the fears and frustrations so evident in our society today. It is a message of revolution that tries to appeal to those in society who feel disenfranchised and let down by the Government and the establishment.

What does it take to cause a population to rise against it's leaders? Is what happened in the former satellites of the soviet union and then finally in Russia a foretaste of what could happen in the west? When we saw the Romanian Dictator Nicolae and his wife Elena Ceausescu executed on television, we saw the power that the people can wield if provoked far enough!

What is happening now in Greece is perhaps a foretaste of what could happen across the west if this campaign of austerity dictated by the EU keeps on impoverishing the masses of country after country. What will it take before these populations decide they can take no more?

Here in the UK the traditional defenders of the state, the Police and the armed forces are being slashed to the bone in the same way as the rest of working class society, what would happen if the middle ranking officers of these formations were to follow the call made in this video, and were to refuse the orders to control marches and demonstrations, but instead turned their power against the elected Government?

I would wager that such a chain of events could never happen here, we Brits are far to law abiding to ever countenance such behaviour, but you never know.

How far down the road to destitution will the population willingly be pushed, while they see the millionaires of the cabinet travelling first class at their expense and treating the ordinary working man and woman with complete contempt?

  Forum Editor 16:43 21 Oct 2012


"what would happen if the middle ranking officers of these formations were to follow the call made in this video, and were to refuse the orders to control marches and demonstrations, but instead turned their power against the elected Government?"

That's called a coup, and it happens all over the world from time to time. The result is usually (but not always) misery for the ordinary citizen, as those in power seek to feather their nests as rapidly as possible.

It's very unlikely ever to happen here, as you say - partly because people aren't stupid enough to believe that that if it did they would be handed a chunk of land on which to build a big house, or that wealth would be distributed amongst us all.

  Flak999 17:06 21 Oct 2012

Something is being planned! See here. There is also some chatter on urban75 about this, see post 2184

  woodchip 17:33 21 Oct 2012

Sounds much like Anarchy to me, but that is what I expect before much longer way things are going

  Forum Editor 18:00 21 Oct 2012

"Something is being planned!"

Not as far as I can see. People are being told to sort out their own plans. It's the usual mish-mash of misinformation and idealistic claptrap.

  Flak999 18:04 21 Oct 2012

Yes, it is a pretty amateurish job. It would seem that after a brief Google search many different people have received the same email that FE received. I have found reference to it on the Army Arrse website, and different police forums, as well as some of the more left wing forums such as urban75.

I will be interested to see just how many gather at Parliament on November 5th, and whether anarchy ensues.

I think not!

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