Has anyone installed the Windows 7 public beta?

  Legolas 13:31 12 Jan 2009

As per my thread title just wondering if anyone has installed this over Win XP or can you only install it if you have Vista?

  I am Spartacus 13:36 12 Jan 2009

It installed easily on mine but wouldn't recognise the motherboard drivers from the CD. However updating just the wireless network controller from Device Manager was enough to get it connected to Windows Updates which downloaded everything needed. A lot of the drivers were actually included in the Win7 installation CD. I did a clean install.

It's slightly faster than Vista going by first impressions but benchmarks don't support that view. It's around 10-15% slower than XP.

They've sorted the wireless connection problem when resuming from sleep. Previously it could take anything up to a minute to reconnect, now it's just takes seconds.

I 'think' I like being able to pin items to the taskbar but miss the functionality of the toolbars. Pinned items take up too much space even when shrunk to the minimum setting i.e. without labels.

I like the neat way system tray items can be hidden, works better than Vista and XP.

I don't like the fact there's currently no option to select the classic start menu.

Eye candy is nice to look at initially (the same as Vista) but I turned it off after a few hours (the same as Vista).

It has been very stable but I've only had it running for just over a day.

In my view this should have been a Service Pack.

  I am Spartacus 13:38 12 Jan 2009

Just to add. It doesn't look (from the Windows Updates available) as though the ATI driver have been optimised for Windows 7 so there may be a performance improvment when they are. I used the Vista drivers which did load OK though.

  Legolas 13:50 12 Jan 2009

Interesting especially about no option to select classic view, that is the first thing I do when I do a clean install of XP I am not a fan of the "eye candy" look of XP or Vista.

  I am Spartacus 13:53 12 Jan 2009

I think it's possible that the Classic Start menu could be added later. I've given feedback for that already.

Although MS don't believe I'm capable of managing my system I turned UAC off completely after a while. It was a lot less intrusive though than the Vista version.

I also turned off the gadgets but they do work better than Vista in that they're not on the sidebar (which has gone) and can be placed anywhere on the desktop.

  Legolas 14:01 12 Jan 2009

Can you install Windows 7 straight over XP? or do you need to have Vista installed first?

  I am Spartacus 14:03 12 Jan 2009

You can only do a clean install or update Vista. Doesn't work with XP, I tried but should have read the installation notes first:o(

  pcmags 14:06 12 Jan 2009

I'm still getting to grip with Vista in VMWare.
So may hold on before trying Windows 7.

  iambeavis 14:37 12 Jan 2009

I installed it as a dual-boot with XP and it was the easiest, and fastest, install I've ever done - easier and faster even than ubuntu and they don't come much easier than that one. It recognised my partition labels which made it a lot easier to recognise the partition I had created for it - the only problem I ever had with ubuntu was deciphering the partition info so as not to install the OS to the wrong space.

Windows 7 boots, and shuts down, faster than Vista ( not as fast as XP though ) and, in every other respect, it's faster than Vista ( it's also, on my machine, anyway, faster than XP ). A good example would be Capture NX2 which takes around 8-10 seconds to open in XP yet in Win 7 it takes around 5 seconds and image rendering is much faster in Win 7 than in XP ( don't ask what Capture did inVista as a lot of the time it just hung at the splash screen and not much else ). I did have a problem in that trying to install Superantispyware created a BSOD ( as did Sandboxie ) but Sea Urchin provided the answer - incompatibility. The install screen for my Epson R2880 printer told me that it couldn't install as it didn't recognise the OS but it went ahead and installed nonetheless and the rest of my hardware, including a Nikon Coolscan installed without any hitch as did all my software , with the exception of the aforementioned apps.

A lot of people are saying that Windows 7 is just an upgrade to Vista and that may well be true, I don't know , but who cares, it works and it works well and that, to me, is all that matters . I'm very happy with what I've experienced so far and, barring any disasters, during the beta period, it's the OS that's going to retire my copy of XP. After the awfullness of my Vista experience, I think it's marvelous - I can't wait 'til it goes retail.

  Huffster 14:39 12 Jan 2009

it might be worth using PCA's compatibility tester first

click here

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