Has anyone had eye treatment for cataracts

  bumpkin 21:18 08 Sep 2018

Has anyone had eye treatment for cataracts. If so what was your experience of this and the end results. Also any idea of the cost and recovery time. Are they done one at a time or both if needed. The procedure was described to my by my optician who said it was a common operation but it sounded horrendous to me, having ones eyeballs cut open.

  Govan1x 21:36 08 Sep 2018

I can only go with my wifes experience.

She had one eye done which takes about 20 minutes so depends how many are waiting.

A month later she had the other one done.

Price Zero. Done by the local hospital.

basically eye done sent home same day with eyedrops for a week or fortnight . Return after a fortnight to make sure everything went well and thats it.

You obviously need someone to drive you home from the hospital.

  Quickbeam 07:11 09 Sep 2018

My mum had both her's done in her '80s, about 10 years ago, within 6 weeks resulting in an almost normal glasses prescription.

She'd badly needed them doing for over 15 years and only conceded once she could hardly read and the weight of her glasses was causing great annoyance. The reason for not wanting them done was that her own mother had a first one done in the mid '60s that was a failure and left her blind in one eye and she would never have the other done.

After seeing the benefit that they give in improved day to day life, I wouldn't hesitate to have them done should I need to.

  BT 08:40 09 Sep 2018

I've had both my eyes done. My left one was done a Kings College in London in 2000 and involved drops & injections for anaesthetic, my second was done in Norwich a few years ago and involved only drops for numbing. Obviously free on the NHS but I believe it can cost about £3000 privately. It is a lifechanging proceedure. My Cataracts had got to the stage where I was totally unable to see out of the eye by the time I had them done and within a few hours my sight was normal. As Govan1x said daily drops for a couple of weeks and a check up.

As to the operation its done by Micro surgery under a microscope. The only discomfort is the bright light shining in your eye. The old cloudy lens is removed by breaking it up with Ultrasonics and sucking it out with a fine probe, then an implant replacement is inserted and you can see again. It really is life changing.

I still wear glasses as obviously the implant doesn't focus at different distances, easily solved with Varifocal lenses

If you're up to it there's a number of Videos on YouTube showing the operation.

  bumpkin 10:09 09 Sep 2018

Thanks for the imput. Personal experiences was my starting point, now for some further research.

  Quickbeam 10:46 09 Sep 2018

"If you're up to it there's a number of Videos on YouTube showing the operation.

I'll pass on that... I'm not generally squeamish, but I can't for the life of me look at an eye operation!

  Blackhat 11:48 09 Sep 2018

A few years ago a regular customer of mine had his cateracts seen to. To look at & talk to he came across as an average 50+ Muslim guy running a small business. He chose to go somewhere in Eastern Europe for his opp as it worked out far cheaper than UK private cost. Shortly after his return he developed an infection which quick developed into septecimia. While in hospital he required blood. Only then did I find out that he was a Jehova. He refused bloods & died a week later. There are some things in life I just cannot get my head around!

  KEITH 1955 12:38 09 Sep 2018

Hi bumpkin , cataracts are something that runs in my family history , I am 63 and was talking to an optician about the fact that one day I "might" need the same , who knows. He noticed that I was shaking just talking about something that I might never need doing.

As you have already found out you are awake when they are done but guess what , the optician said if you just cant face having them done it is possible for you to be put to sleep whilst they are done.

IMPORTANT ……. he said you cant just turn up on the day and say that's what you want you have to get it sorted on a pre med visit because they have to book an anaesthetist for you , they ring up at a minutes notice and get one.

Hope that put you a bit more at ease.

  Smudge120 19:16 09 Sep 2018

I had both of mine done last year. I will be 84 in November and do not need glasses for reading or long distance. When I had an annual eye examination by a local optician who we have used for many years, he said he wanted a second opinion as he was not happy with the results. That was at the begiining of February 2017. Saw a consultant in April, the preop in May and the first operation in July. Done at a local hospital.There were over ten other patients waiting to have it done. One of my cousins brought me home. As someone has already said, the operation is quick and takes less than 30 minutes. I slept for most of the afternoon and night with only having drinks. The other eye was done in the afternoon in September. Managed to get an appointment to fit in between several cruise we had already booked. No problems after this one. Have been back to see the consultant who says everything is satisfactory. Still go every year for a check with the optician. Can read the next to the botom line.

  HondaMan 19:30 09 Sep 2018

I've had one done privately about 2005/6, cost £2.5k. Couldn't/wouldn't wait for the NHS. The most uncomfortable part was the 1st injection. Whole thing took about 40 m minutes plus recovery time

  BT 09:03 10 Sep 2018

The most uncomfortable part was the 1st injection

As I said previously my first was with injections but the second was with drops only. This can only be a good thing.

My only disappointment on the second occasion was they said a Nurse would hold my hand and I should squeeze if I wanted them to stop at any time. I was a bit put out when the Nurse turned out to be a middle aged bloke.

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