has anyone had asbestos sheeting removed

  jay.p 19:41 01 Oct 2008

renovating my nans house, and came across asbestos sheeting under the windows in the downstairs front and back rooms, we have damp contractors in also doing some work and they are contacting someone about removing it and getting a quote, me being a bit impatient wondered if anyone had had anything similar done and had rough idea about costs.

  Jak_1 19:45 01 Oct 2008

Removing and disposal of asbestos is best left to the experts. There is no cheap shortcut, certainly do not allow cowboys builder to remove it, they would probably leave the place with asbestos dust all around!
The damp constructors appear to be doing things the right way, leave it to them to sort things out.

  Covergirl 19:53 01 Oct 2008

click here for brief and sound looking advice on removal and handling from Mendip Council.

Maybe you don't need a costly contractor if you are careful, wear masks/disposable coveralls and damp down.

Lots more links if you search on Asbestos Removal.

Sorry, no ideas about contractor costs. Hope this helps.

  laurie53 20:01 01 Oct 2008

Don't, under any circumstances attempt any sort of DIY or cheap removal.

This is not just another H&S scare, this stuff really is dangerous.

Even when removed it has to be disposed of under licence, by licensed operators.

Your LA may give you some advice. On the other hand they may give an enforcement notice so be careful - you know your own council best.

If you can possibly leave it in situ do so. As long as it is undamaged i.e. not cracked or flaking etc it is quite safe.

On the other hand, if you do leave it in place you will have to declare it if you sell the house, with the obvious effect on the price.

  Covergirl 20:12 01 Oct 2008

Not if you live in the Mendips or Tameside areas - see my earlier link.

Take the bagged asbestos waste to a licensed site (eg. the household waste disposal centre at :
Farm Road, Street. Tel: 01458 840076 or
Marston Trading Estate, Frome. Tel 01373 453622


From the Tameside council site click here

Asbestos cement can be disposed of free of charge by householders at the civic amenity site in Bayley Street, Stalybridge.

Don't shout at me anyone, I'm just repeating what I've read on the only two links I checked.

  birdface 20:24 01 Oct 2008

I used to put it up when working in the building trade years ago.Now you can't touch it.They never told us there was anything wrong with it when putting it up.Why the problem now when taking it down.Does it decay with longer use.

  Stuartli 20:26 01 Oct 2008

Government advice:

click here

  interzone55 21:11 01 Oct 2008

One place I worked we were having the shop floor refitted and the workmen found asbestos. They got one of the sub-contractors in and it took 4 days and cost around £20,000 to remove about 8,000 sq feet of the stuff from the ceiling...

  polish 21:43 01 Oct 2008

i recently had a new garage but the company removing the old garage and relaying the base wouldnt remove the asbestos roof so i doned my overalls and mask and removed and bagged the roof and the local council tip had a asbestos only skip fortunately it was raining so kept the dust away if you do it yourself it maybe worth lightly wetting the asbestos to keep the dust level down

  Woolwell 21:57 01 Oct 2008

There are different types of asbestos. Garage roofs often have asbestos cement panels. These are the lowest grade of asbestos danger. Insulation panels are another matter altogether and this is perhaps under the windows. It should be tested. The damp contractors are doing the right thing and would be in trouble with the Health & Safety Executive if they did not.

  Cara2 22:00 01 Oct 2008

We also removed 'white' asbestos roofing sheets, according to strict guidelines. We did not find it problematic.

However, you may well be talking about 'blue' asbestos if it is inside the property, which is a completely diffent matter altogether. You need to seek expert guidance on this.

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