Has anyone got a beard?

  Forum Editor 10:25 17 Nov 2014

I have never seen the point of them myself - worn by men who are either too lazy to bother shaving, or trying to compensate for a loss of head hair, but the Victorians thought otherwise.

  john bunyan 10:40 17 Nov 2014

worn by men who are either too lazy to bother shaving

Assuming you exclude Sikhs and many extreme Muslims , I agree with you. The only time I had any hint of one was on an extreme "Combat Survival" jungle course but even then I found it uncomfortable. What about moustaches? - I once had a "Viva Zapata" one in the '60's when it was favoured by SF but found I kept being tempted to bite on it. In the end I accidentally shaved a large bit off, and that was the last of it.

  beynac 10:50 17 Nov 2014

I have a beard. It's a personal choice, not laziness or compensation for being bald (I'm not). Why do you not shave your head every day? I don't see the difference.

  beynac 10:52 17 Nov 2014

Following my earlier post, I should add that I do shave every day to keep my beard looking trim.

  OTT_B 11:23 17 Nov 2014

I am rarely clean shaved, due to getting rather nasty razor burn on my neck when I do shave. The easiest solution for me is to clipper my facial hair every few days - it keeps it more as controlled stubble than a beard, but is never messy.

Is that being lazy? Well, maybe. I could shave and then put on the relevant creams to try and control the razor burn, but then facial hair doesn't bother me, controlling the razor burn costs me (and no one else), and I'm not bothered by anyone who disagrees!

  Quickbeam 11:33 17 Nov 2014

Never got past 5 days myself without the extreme annoyance forcing me to shave.

But bearded is after all the natural look, shaving is a cosmetic action!

  Batch 11:37 17 Nov 2014

I successfully grew a beard 44 years ago at age 16. Two reasons, shaving was painful and I wanted to look older (I hung around with an older crew at Streatham Ice Rink).

My girlfriends seemed to like it (it was always relatively soft, unlike scratchy stubble soon after shaving) and it avoided them getting chaffed in places we won't mention.

Apart from shaving it off two or three times for max. of 3 months (mostly just to see what I looked like without it), I kept it for 28 years.

In the end shaved it off in 1998 for same reason as above. My wife decided she preferred me without (after 27 years together), partly as it had become more wiry and so was now getting scratchy just like the stubble (and modern technology means I can get a much closer shave) and partly as she wasn't keen on the grey bits.


"worn by men who are either too lazy to bother shaving, or trying to compensate for a loss of head hair" somewhat sweeping generalisations - most unlike you ;-) (and, before you ask, I still have a fair head of hair).

  Woolwell 11:38 17 Nov 2014

I've had 3 or 4 full sets but currently clean shaven. I certainly wasn't thin on top when I had a beard. IMO it tends to make you look older. It's not lazy as keeping a beard looking nice can take more time and is more fiddly than shaving every day. I do draw the line at long bushy beards which look unkempt. The problem with a beard is that there is a great temptation to play with it, stroke it and keep food out of it.

The last beard I had was very recently but due to an underlying skin problem at the time.

Designer stubble is a different matter altogether and I have difficulty with them.

Incidentally Naval personnel had to be able to grow a full set in a set time (6 weeks from memory), had to get approval to cease shaving and to shave off, and if it didn't meet standards had to come off. They are incompatible with breathing apparatus and respirators.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 17 Nov 2014

or trying to compensate for a loss of head hair - makes you look as if you have an upside down head :0)

Had a Moustache in the Seventies (didn't we all?) tried a beard once didn't like it nor did the wife.

Now I rarely get past 2 days without shaving.

Wet or dry shaving? I use an electric razor find wet shaving too painful.

  spuds 12:04 17 Nov 2014

Had a beard for years, but have gone through stages of being clean shaven. I would say that it takes just as long to do a regular trim, than have a complete shave.

If we are talking about laziness, then in my opinion, then there's nothing worse than seeing a three to five day growth, and the person refers to it as designer stubble or being 'with it'.

That and gelled hair, with the smell of perfume from a male seems to be the fashion, so I suppose its everyone to their or associates own liking. Now thinks Brylcreem boy's of the 40/50's :O)

  Flak999 12:48 17 Nov 2014

I always think people with beards have something to hide! :-)

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