Has Anyone Been On Any Of The Links At The Bottom?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 08:06 27 Feb 2005

Apart from the union jack flag

If you scroll right to the bottom there are links to other websites.

Some are quite usefull.

Try one, i found digital world to be a good one it has downloads and guides.

  powerless 09:00 27 Feb 2005

Macworld Rules!

  CurlyWhirly 10:07 27 Feb 2005

To be honest, I never bothered to click on them until you mentioned it.
I also found Digital World a very informative site with it's online guides. :0)

  Forum Editor 10:45 27 Feb 2005

they are all part of our magazine group.

  It's Me 16:11 27 Feb 2005

Er! Union Jack Flags! Union Jacks are on ships. Union Flags are on the land. But can't be both. :))

  Djohn 18:13 27 Feb 2005

Yep! often have a look.

  Buchan 35 00:39 09 Mar 2005

Union Jacks are flown at the rear of Royal Navy vessel. It is symbolised by a blue background with a union flag in the top corner. The Union Flag is a single depiction of the various crosses and is the national flag. Lesson over and I`m definitely off to bed now. Goodnight all.

  1911 00:45 09 Mar 2005

if you are going to be pedantic.Ships dont have rears. They have sterns.

  watchful 22:01 11 Mar 2005

Nope, but might check them out now. Hardly ever go to the bottom of the page.

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